Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Track Your Eating With A Food Journal

how to keep a food log

I know this will be hard for some to do, but I'm here to get your motivated and to teach you how to keep track of what your eating by creating a food log.

How To Keep Track Of Your Eating Habits

Most of us have a problem with over eating or not eating healthy or both. Creating a food log allows you to keep track of what you have been eating. What we do next is we track our eating habits for a week by writing down every thing we have ate throughout the week and pin point what are our problem times of the day (when we are most likely to eat junk food or over eat). Then we take this data and see how we can improve our eating habits.

Why is figuring out the time you eat junk food important?

This is important because it let's you figure out what your relapses are. Just because you always want to eat that junk food at that time of day doesn't mean it's because your hungry. This could be because you are stressed out at work / home or what ever it maybe. You have to think before you eat why am I eating like this or why do I want to eat this junk food? By doing this it helps you figure out what your triggers are for eating this unhealthy food or over eating.

I know What My Triggers Are For Eating Unhealthy How Do I Fix It?

How to fix your triggers once you have figured out what they are by keeping track of how and what your eating. Ok so you have down the things that make you want to over eat and eat junk food, but how do you stop it. What you need to do is take little healthy snacks with you and ones you can't stand to eat. Why because once you start having these cravings and you force your self to eat a healthy snack that you can't stand these junk food triggers will start to go away and over time you will start to like that healthy snack you once couldn't tolerate, this will take commitment.

Keep On Going & You Will Make It

Keep keeping track of what you are eating in your food log for at least 3 months every day and following though with this plan, it will work for you, if you just stick to it.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Startup Guide For Jogging & Speed Walking

How To Start Jogging

Ok, so if you have saw my last post about BMI and how mine was rather high, however I have lost weight with Skinny Fiber and doing the correct things with it. I am still having problems getting up to jogging and not because I don't want to, it's because I'm still a little heavy for it, so it's hard on my knees.

Find out what your BMI is on my last post here What Is My BMI.

I have an action plan that you can follow with me.

How To Make Time For Jogging

First we have to make time for it to get started and how do we make time to jog? We can easily make time by adjust our schedule. You know that favorite TV show you watch or that Friday night dinner you always do? Well now is the time to replace them with starting a new you and a new life because, if we don't change something we are always going to be the same as we are now overweight and having a low self esteem. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it and I use to be in great shape...many years ago now.

This is a life change not a quick fix and I'm here to help you though it!

All you have to do is just follow the steps and learn. I'm shedding weight are you? If you say no now is the time to get connected and start reading some of the things on my blog.

With that said let's dive right into it.

How To Stretch Out Before Jogging / Speed Walking

In this video you will see some great ways to stretch out before getting started with your speed walk or jog. Now I know for some the stretching out might be enough of a work out and that is ok as long as your doing it. This is about building up to that jog you never thought you could do. For the ones that are able to do this and still go for their speed walk / jog it's so important to do it just as she shows, so that you create a good form and are doing it correctly.

Why is Stretching out before you speed walk or jog important?

Stretching out before you do your speed walk / jog is utterly important because, if you do not do this you can pull a mussel and I have before, just trust me on this it's well worth doing the stretches than it is to pull a mussel. It's also gets your blood moving and lubricates the joints, so it makes it easier on your body's joints and mussels.

How To Warm Up To Jogging

This is our action plan!

After you change a few things in your busy life to create the time to start jogging, we want to start out slow and we do that by walking correct? Yes walking is great, but the truth is that when you walk you have to get your heart rate up to burn any fat and what I mean by that is you need to speed walk to where you start feeling your heart pump and only then are you truly burning fat. Now if you walk to slow sure you are burning calories and over the course of 6 years you might finally reach your weight loss goals. Who wants to wait that long? Not me and I'm sure that you don't either. That is why we are going to start out with speed walking until we can feel our heart pumping blood thought out our body.

I want you and I to do this starting out for an hour every other day. I don't care, if you went 3 miles or 10 miles as long as you are speed walking for at least an hour.

We will then after a month be ready for some light jogging. For some of us it may take two months and you know what that is ok as long as we are doing it and making the time to do it we can do this together.

How To Get A Treadmill For Cheap

Now the next thing is I know for some it might be hard and you might feel embarrassed to go out speed walking in your neighborhood and you know what that is ok because we are working on your self esteem by getting you moving. This is personally what I have done because it is so hot in Florida I found a great used treadmill on Craigslist. Yes good used treadmills are affordable and you will most likely find one for a great price on sites like Craigslist...I love buying from there. Once you have established if you are going to go and get a treadmill or just use the old fashion sidewalk you are ready to start.

Drinking Enough Water While Speed Walking

Keeping hydrated is very important during this time. I recall once when I was in great shape I had a goal of out jogging the city bus as funny as that might sound I actually did it because they do their stops and what have you. I was so focused on this goal that I wasn't paying attention to my water intake and next thing I know I got very dizzy and almost fainted right there on the spot, so when you get thirsty as you are speed walking do not be afraid to drink some water to keep your self going.

How To Cool Down After Jogging / Speed Walking

Once you have done your speed walking it's also a good idea to do a cool down. This is where you will walk at a normal pace for about five minutes and then do some more stretches

In this short video you see and learn how to cool down the correct way to prevent injury to your self, so please make sure you watch it and learn from it.

Why is cooling down important after jogging or speed walking?

It's very important because it allows your muscles to cool down and not become overly tight which can later give you problems, plus it helps with shock to the body. Yes that is correct when you take your body and do things that it normally doesn't do it can become in shock, so this helps it adjust and just gives it a little bit of time to cool down which is good for you and helps avoid some of the pain that comes with excising.

I hope you have found this beginners guide to jogging useful and stay in touch because in about a month I will post a new one for us to do together.

After you are comfortable with this routine I suggest you move onto Phase Two Of How To Jog.

If you feel that you are already good to go on jogging then you are ready for the Skinny Fiber Boot Camp Exercise, this is made for the ones who have to build up to that.

Did you learn anything from this? Please share your thoughts in a comment below!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Obesity Disease - The American Medical Association

Fat Doctor

As most of you probably know that obesity is and has been officially labeled a disease by the American Medical Association.

What does this mean to you, if you are a little obese? It's actually great news what this means is that your insurance can now pay for some of the cost of you going to the doctor for your over weight problems. It also means now employers have to be careful about not providing you with what you need while you work, such as a bigger chair, bigger desk and the reason why is because now that Obesity is a disease you can be looked at as being disabled.

How Do I Know If I'm Obese? By figuring out what your Body Mass Index is usually referred to BMI.

What is considered to be obese enough to be labeled as having a disease? If your BMI is between 18 and 25 you are a perfectly normal weight, if your BMI is higher at 25 to 30 you are overweight and if your BMI is over 30 you are obese.

I have came across this wonderful tool below to help us all out and you are welcome to come back any time to use it during your weight loss goals.

Let's take on this horrible disease and make a change in our lives! Did you know that 18% of deaths in Adults is caused from Obesity in America, which makes this more like an epidemic. I say we because to be truthfully I too am considered to be obese as you can see in the screen shot below, but I'm going to keep trucking along with diet and exercise as well as using Skinny Fiber that has been helping me with stopping the over eating.
BMI Results For An Adult
We can all change and become free from this disease all we have to do is want it bad enough and do it and stick to it, so if you are with me on this let's get started with my

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skinny Fiber Reviews

Skinny Fiber Reviews

If you one of those people who are looking for a natural weight loss product that can help you shed those extra kilos, choose Skinny Fiber. Skinny fiber is basically a pure and natural weight loss supplement that helps aid weight loss by making you feel full so that eat less. In addition, these supplements help cleanse the harmful toxins from your body and allow you to stay active naturally even when you are trying to lose weight. However, it must be noted that Skinny Fiber is a natural supplement and not a weight loss pill. Skinny Fiber not only proves to be a great natural alternative to HCG calorie diet or harmful diet pills, but is also worth trying especially if you are planning to opt for lap band or bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy to lose weight.

Skinny Fiber Ingredients

Skinny Fiber essentially included three primary ingredients and seven digestive enzymes.

Cha’ de Bugre: The fruit like berries produced by this Brazilian tree are used to make this ingredient. This ingredient which can be used as tea or as a coffee substitute helps suppress appetite and boosts your metabolism to help burn fat quickly. In addition, using this ingredient not only helps improve heart function and boost blood circulation, but also helps treat cellulite, gout, cough, cancer, viral infections and herpes.

Caralluma: This ingredient of Skinny Fiber is essentially a plant of the cactus family that helps suppress appetite, quench thirst and improve stamina naturally. The fact that this ingredient helps block those enzymes that can form fat in the body, it proves to highly beneficial for weight management.

Glucomannon: This natural dietary fiber in Skinny Fiber is perhaps one of those ingredients that helps eliminate the worst enemy of weight loss, namely overeating. The fact that this Skinny Fiber ingredient tends to expand nearly 50 times more than its size in your stomach; it not only helps you feel full quickly and prevents you from binge eating, but also helps promote healthy cholesterol levels in your body, thereby helping you stay healthy.

Skinny Fiber Enzymes

Skinny Fiber is loaded with nutrient – rich enzymes that are designed to prepare your body to lose weight. The enzymes included in Skinny Fiber are as follows-

· Protease Enzyme: Aids protein digestion

· Cellulase Enzyme: helps in breaking down plant fiber

· Amylase Enzyme: helps convert carbohydrates into energy

· Papain Enzyme: Facilitate break down proteins

· Lipase Enzyme: Aids Fat digestion

· Bromelain Enzyme: Helps in protein digestion and is anti- inflammatory.

· Glucomylase Enzyme: Aids break down of starch to glucose

How Does Skinny Fiber work?

Taking this natural weight loss supplement helps introduce soluble fiber in your diet. This proves to be highly beneficial in helping your body get rid of harmful toxins, stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels and promote regular bowel movements, thereby aiding weight loss. Moreover, the appetite suppressant found in the Skinny Fiber ingredients help you keep a check on their food cravings which in turn facilitates weight loss. In addition, the use of Glucomannon in this weight loss product prevents you from feeling hungry and deprived, thereby making your dieting effort a more successful one.

Skinny Fiber Benefits

· Prevents calories and fat from food getting absorbed by the body

· Decreases Cellulite

· Help the body to absorb minerals and Vitamins

· Boost metabolism and burns fats without any jittery feeling

· Reduces cholesterol

· Makes you feel full quickly and prevents overeating

· Helps lower blood pressure

· Helps maintain blood sugar levels

· Reduces symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and poly cystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS)

· Reduces hot flashes and migraines

· Eliminates craving for chocolates, carbs and salty foods

· Keeps your skin clean and clear

· Boosts energy levels

· Helps you sleep better at night.

Skinny Fiber Side Effects

According to some Skinny Fiber reviews, people who have used this weight loss supplement have often feel bloated, have gas and experience increased bowel movements. However, it must be noted that these side effects are natural and are usually short lived because it is your body detoxing.

Skinny Fiber Price

Each Skinny Fiber bottle basically contains 120 capsules. Thus, while the starter pack which contains one bottle costs $59.95, the bonus pack which includes three bottles (buy two get one free) costs $119.85.However, if you wish to buy the premier value pack that contains six bottles( buy 3 get 3 free) it may cost you $179.70 only.

Skinny Fiber unlike other dietary supplements is a drug and chemical free weight loss supplement that has no serious side effects. So if you are planning to buy Skinny Fiber, it is always recommended that it from an authorized distributor from the official company, which just so happens to be Right Here.

Learn more about how Skinny Fiber Works Here.