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Do I Have Acid Reflux GERD Or Heartburn Find Out

Do I have acid reflux?

This is an actual picture provided by Steven Fruitsmaak. In it shows a real person who has GERD. As you can see the acid moving all throughout the throat which also looks swollen from the acid reflux. Keep reading this post to learn more about GERD and how to provide yourself with treatment options. Heartburn could be so much more, so if you feel as though you have heartburn a lot maybe you have GERD and we are going to explain the difference between heartburn and GERD.

What Is GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

In the video above you will learn what is GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and what problems it causes. GERD gets regularly wrote of as Heartburn by many people who actually may have GERD. It is important to learn, if you just have heartburn or something else such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Do I Have Heartburn Or GERD

Is it heartburn or GERD learn the symptoms of heartburn and the symptoms of GERD. You will learn that GERD is more sever and is more constant then heartburn and it will cause you to vomit or feel nauseated. If you think you have heartburn every day you should really get checked out to make sure you do not have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, which can be very hard to treat, if you just keep writing it off as heartburn. These symptoms could also be signs of a heart attack as explained in the video.

How to treat GERD - Treament Options For GERD

If GERD is left untreated it can cause esophageal stricture and esophageal cancer.

GERD is treated by taking prescription strength Proton Pump Inhibitors Nexium and Protonix. These can help reduce your stomach acid by 95%, but are costly. You can also buy over the counter H 2 Blockers medication that isn't as strong as the above, but at least they will help. They are pepcid, zantac and axid. Another way to treat GERD is by surgery called fundoplication this is where they try to tighten up your esophagus sphincter that became weak and caused all this problem to start with. One more way doctors treat GERD is by conducting the stretta procedure, which is giving you radio frequency medication in low doses that will tighten the esophagus sphincter. The last treatment option for GERD mentioned in the video is the BARD endoscopic suturing system this is where they will stitch up your LES, which isn't tighten to much so that food can still pass though.

To be completely honest with you I have acid reflux or it could be GERD and that is why I was looking this up before I decided to write about it and give you the information. I have taken all of the over the counter medication before and they do work, but truth be told that Skinny Fiber works much better for me than any of the above mentioned. Now I can not say anything about the prescription strength medication because I have never tried any of those before, but if you have taken them please share your experiences in a comment below, so that we all know what works and what doesn't.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How To Jog - Startup Guide For Jogging - Part Two

how to jog part two

Ok it has officially been a month from my last post about the beginners guide to jogging. We should have done some speed walking every other day for about an hour to get our heart rates up to burn the fat that we have wanted to. Now that you are ready for phase two of jogging, you should be able to actually do some jogging instead of just speed walking, so let's get pumped up and ready to move those feet.

Now if you are not comfortable jogging just yet and still need time on the speed walking course that is fine. We all have to start some where and it will take a little bit more time for others than it will for the rest of us and that is 100% ok as long as you are doing it and applying yourself.

How To Stretch For Jogging

We have to do our stretches, so we do not pull our muscles out of socket or anything else for that matter. Watch this short video for your stretching needs!

As you can see in the video she really explains very well about how to stretch your muscles correctly. Do this until you feel the blood starting to move though out your body and all loosened up. If you do this you will thank me later and you will feel a lot better after the jog.

How To Jog Correctly

Now after we have done our stretches we are ready to move onto learning how to jog the correct way. Below is a video that took me awhile to find because some people chose not to make the correct way to jog videos, so either way this is 100% right on the money as far as jogging the right way goes.

As you can see in the video he explains what to do and what not to do when it comes to jogging. Don't forget to do your stretches as I have explained above or you can re visit The Beginners Guide To Jogging, If you haven't already visited that post and started there now is a good time before going any further as this post is for people who are on phase 2 of the jogging section.

Ok now that, that is out of the way we can move forward with jogging. If you are doing this on your treadmill put the setting at a comfortable pace for you, so that it is not to fast nor to slow, but is just right at the point where you start to jog and you can adjust accordingly to your needs.

If you plan on going out beating the sidewalk or beach, just make sure you go at a steady pace as to not wear yourself out to fast.


The idea is to burn fat jogging. When you start out do not go to fast! I can't stress how important this is because you want to burn fat not burn yourself out.

We are going to start with 30 minutes of jogging and see how that goes and, if you can't do it, that is fine just go into your speed walking zone and work up to 30 minutes of jogging.

How To Cool Yourself Down After Jogging

Do not forget just like in the first post to do your cool down workouts. I have included the same exact video in this post for a reference.

Try this out every other day and gradually build yourself up to more minutes as it becomes easier for you. Once you feel confident I think you might be ready for the Skinny Fiber Boot Camp Workout Challenge, which is hardcore and meant for ultimate fat burning, but we have to work up to it.

Have you tried this workout yet? If so please leave us a comment to let us know how it went. I'm looking forward to replies on this because I know you are going to feel great afterwords!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Healthy Diet Tips - How To Make Smoothies

smoothies and green drinks

When we think of a diet as a healthy thing to do, but are we really sure we are eating healthy diet foods? If you think about it diet soda was labeled diet as to help people lose weight only to find out that it causes them to not only gain weight, but cause more problems all together.

Healthy Dieting Tips

I wanted to create this post, so that you could have a better understand of what you should include in your diet. I find that gluten free foods, high dietary fiber products and as much or as close as you can get to organic foods is your best bet for actually healthy diet foods. We make a lot veggie smoothies that include flax seed, Skinny Fiber and what ever vegetables we have laying around.

Healthy Smoothie Tips

We also do, do the fruit smoothies just not as much due to the fact that most fruits are high in sugar, but the vitamins you get from them make it well worth it to include them in your healthy diet smoothie. I would say do one of these fruit smoothies every other day and do your veggie smoothies every day and you can adjust it as the needs of your body changes. You will notice a big difference once you start doing this because you will have more energy than you ever have had before and you will not be so sleepy or sluggish all of the time.

Make sure you get a great blender, if you can afford one the new Ninja blender has as many watts as a Vitamix. With that said I still think the Vitamix blenders are the best, but they are high priced.

More On Healthy Dieting

Not long ago I wrote a post about Dietary Fiber Explained I suggest you visit it and watch the short video explaining how important it is to have dietary fiber in your body. You should also replace the bad soda's and soft drinks with either water or organic tea and use stevia for your sweetness needs. This is going to get you so healthy and you will feel wonderful.

Some of you might not know what stevia is, so I have included a link to explain here What Is Stevia

It maybe hard at first, but the benefits of having a healthy diet such as this will help you in your overall health needs. Start out with the tips I have provided you in this post and check back because I'm always adding new things for you to try.

Are you currently doing smoothies to maintain or to improve your health? If so please leave a comment letting us know how it is working for you and any other smoothie tips are welcomed.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Health Benefits From Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Good Fat Benefits

We all know that we should eat more fish, well at least once a week. Fish like salmon are high in good fats such as omega 3 fatty acid that help brain function and have been proven to help prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer and many more positive health functions come from omega 3 fatty acids. At any rate omega 3 fatty acids are good for us and most of us do not get enough of these good fats in our diet like we should, so try to consume as much as you can.

This reminded me of a joke one of my older friends had once told me.

He had Alzheimer and would say it is not Alzheimer it's some timers because some timers I remember and other timers I don't or I don't wanna remember, so if it was Alzheimer I would remember all the timers right? I just laughed it off because of how he would tell it in such a funny way.

List Of Fish That Contain A High Amount Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This list fatty fish will keep you healthy and full of good fat mackerel, herring, lake trout, albacore tuna, sardines and salmon. All of these fish are good for you to eat, but I personally suggest that you don't eat it more than two times a week because of mercury levels in fish can vary.

The fatty acids that you get from eating these fish are crucial to maintaining your over all health and life functions that you need. If you are like me and do not like to eat fish all of the time you can get these omega 3 fatty acids from eating flax seeds and walnuts. What we do as a family is take flax seed and blend it into our veggie drinks, even our toddler drinks it up, which makes his mother very proud and daddy too.

More Benefits To Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Another reason why omega 3 fatty acids are good to take into your body is that they have shown to help with depression, Type 2 Diabetes, fatigue and joint pain. I personally know that since I have been taking my Skinny Fiber and combining flax seed into my diet my weight has gone down, my back isn't hurting as much and either are the rest of my joints.

Are you getting enough omega 3 fats in your diet?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weight Loss Meal Planing Tips - Diet Planning

healthy dieting

When you are wanting to lose weight you have to keep this in mind when you are out grocery shopping because this is where it all starts. The first rule and most people know this is that you never go grocery shopping when you are hungry this will entice you to want to buy quick fast and unhealthy snacks. Most grocery stores have a healthy selection isle or have healthy selections inside of each isle. Sure it may cost a little more, but you want to try to buy organic foods that do not have the added chemicals into them I call these fillers, but these fillers can cause all sorts of problems from weight gain to cancer and beyond.

When you are done shopping and are ready to have a meal make sure you do it at your kitchen table because this will mental help curb wanting to eat snacks later on and if you always eat at the table your body will start saying hey, if you wanna eat you have to get up and move to the table. Later on the idea will be that you will stop snacking while out and about too.

Read The Label To Make Sure It's Healthy

Keep in mind what you are eating dose it contain a 5,000 calories or is it a healthy snack at 150 calories? Sure they do not put everything on the label that we eat, which is for another blog post, but it dose have the calories on the package.

Now I know it can be hard at times to stick with eating healthy at first because really healthy food can not taste, so good to you and some times it's really hard to come by depending on your local grocery store, but you have to make an effort to stick with it no matter what.

I know fast food restaurants are every where when you are hungry and are affordable, fast and good, but you are never going to lose the weight eating at them, so have some willpower when you see them.

Keep Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Have realistic goals, just because you didn't lose 50 pounds in you first month doesn't mean that you won't over time. This is probable the main reason why people don't lose weight they get discouraged when they don't lose weight as fast as they would like to and then they fall back into their old eating habits. Stay the course and you will prevail!

Are your friends supportive in your weight loss goals? Are they over weight too? If they are are they willing to join you in your weight loss? If not then you may want to find new friends to hang with. Now if they are that is great and you should get them to join you on your weight loss journey and hold each other accountable. This will help you create a safety net and help give you support in your weight loss.

Practice Portion Control By Measurements

Practice portion control. Your plate of food should not be a overly huge amount. Just one serving of food per plate. A good tip for this is that a portion of meat should not be bigger than your check book and for your sides they should only be about one cup, so one cup of beans ect. You can find some really great information here Food Portion Control about what and how you should eat.

Do some exercise start out walking and I have wrote a great post about the Starters Guide To Jogging here.

That concludes are dieting weight loss tips for you to get started.

Have anything you would like to add that has worked for you? We always welcome comments!

Master Cleanse Lemon Detox Diet Review

Master Cleanse Diet

The master cleanse diet, a specialized type of "fasting" detoxification program, was originally created by Stanley Burroughs. The intent of the diet is to aid the body in complete detoxification and relieve the body of any environmental toxins and hazards that could, as time passes, cause the body harm, proper functioning problems as well as disease. The master cleansing diet lemonade diet aka, lemon cleanse, lemonade diet or simply master cleanse fast diet, promoted drinking water, pure freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and red cayenne pepper. Even though this may not seem like one of the most appetizing beverage combinations, many think of it as something than can be quite refreshing. Every ingredient in the master cleanse is for everyone a certain purpose.

The master cleanse detox lemonade diet is becoming the object of great importance and discussion in a lot of celebrity magazines, sites related to health and other media around the globe. It still holds some skepticism and has been argued that it may not have any true benefits. The master cleansing diet detox diet, however, is used by lots of people plus a substantial percentage of those accept that it works to improve their health and well being in several ways.

How does the Master Cleanse Lemon Diet Improve Your Health?

Lemon Diet
It is ultimately up to you to determine when the claims in the master cleansing diet work or are a scam, in addition to whether you should try the master cleanse fast diet or not. A very important factor is that should you opt for the master cleanse detoxification diet, ensure that you follow it perfectly, without changing in any way what the diet demands. Just like any diet, it is important to follow it exactly as instructed to get the most benefits, lose the maximum amount of weight, and detoxify your body and also to avoid any possible side-effects.

Weight Loss Benefits

Many people claim to have lost huge amounts of weight and becoming thin. Many lose between 10-40 lbs. in a short period of time. Though losing weight isn't the main focus of the master cleanse lemon diet, it’s a great benefit and with Skinny Fiber you may increase the results.

Detoxification of the Body

The key goal of the master cleanse detox diet is to clean your body of old, suppressed waste that the body may not find a way to get rid of. The concept behind it is that our bodies were never meant to get store pollutants that you get from various sources. The master cleanse detoxification lemonade weight loss program is built to flush a person’s body of toxins that stick to the colon as well as the intestines. These toxins, after some time can cause allergies, many diseases, cancer, and other chronic illnesses including fatigue.

The Master Clean Lemon Diet Regulates Hormones

Lemon Detox Diet
There are many people that use this diet for regulating hormones. In our daily lives, the food we consume contains considerable amounts of hormones which could lead to a number of problems such as undesired facial hair in women, lower libido, and possibly problems during pregnancy. Hormones play an important role in how our organs work. The master cleanse detox diet cleanses the body of excess hormones and lets the body produce them on its own.

Many individuals affected by chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) purchased the master cleanse detox fast diet to help energize and revitalize themselves.

After testing the master cleansing diet, a lot of people claim that they think clearer. Furthermore, they may get back some of their lost willpower. For thousands of years, people have considered fasting to be a strategy for spiritual enlightenment as well as mental clarity, so the master cleanse detox method could provide the mental health benefits.

It can help you to recover from various addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food and other types. It will detoxify your system, calm you down, and increase your willpower. In reality, many individuals don't realize they eat simply because they are bored. Plus, many also don't realize they can crave foods which can be harmful to them due to the fact are addicted in regards to what is in the food.

The advantages described are the ones that people who have undergone the master cleansing lemon diet have claimed. All experiences are distinctive from one to the next. It really is ultimately your decision to determine the legitimacy of the claims and decide if this diet is appropriate for your health needs. Again, you need to use the cleanse exactly as instructed or it may not work.

What are People Saying About this Diet?

Master CleanseThere are a huge number of lemonade diet reviews because it is popular and many people have had benefits from it. It is simple and many celebrities swear by it.

What is this Lemon Diet About? A Review

It is really a simple and affordable diet to use which is why it is so popular. You just replace your meals a beverage that consists of freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. There are three stages, the beginning stage, the lemon diet, and then getting off of the diet.

The ease-in stage is to allow your body and mind to be ready for your alternative food consumption. It takes three days and demands you to reduce particular food groups. On the first day, you will eat only fruits and vegetables. The recommended ratio is to eat 60% from the vegetables group and 40% from the fruits category that are low in sugar. On the second day, you will eat only liquids like soups and juices. The next day, you should drink just orange juice the entire day with maple syrup in it if you like.

The diet includes the fresh lemon juice mixture as a replacement for your daily meals. You should drink six to twelve glasses each day when you feel hungry or tired. Hydration is important for bowel movements. The diet plan doesn’t have a time frame but the recommendation is two weeks.

The ease-out stage is simply the reverse of the ease-in where on the first day you drink orange juice, the next day you're allowed to eat soup along with other juices and around the third vegetables and fruit before going back to your normal diet.

The reasons why people like this diet are that it’s easy, the ingredients are easily available and it’s affordable. Everyone can get it done inside their kitchen sufficient reason for instant results.

The Flaws

Because the lemonade won't meet all of the nutritional needs, and some people believe that it is not healthy. It may make you feel tired and weak plus because it’s in liquid form, you may have to use the restroom frequently.

So what’s the Verdict on the Master Cleanse Lemon Detox Diet?

Lemonade Diet

If you're looking to lose weight fast this lemonade diet will likely be effective to meet your requirements. But realize that long-term weight reduction needs a life-style change and not simply a stop gap measure, that is why I suggest doing the master cleanse with Skinny Fiber.

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BMI Report Cards - Fat Letters From School

BMI Report Cards and School Fat Letters

When I mention Fat Letters I'm referring to your child's BMI Report Cards. The kids across the country are calling them Fat Letters, so they have been dubbed and stuck with that nickname by the press and many other online avenues.

Schools Sending Home Fat Letters - BMI Report Cards

Schools in 19 states have started to measure kids weights and BMI yearly. They then send a letter home to parents of what the outcome of their child's BMI is. This insures the parents if their child is at a healthy or unhealthy weight.

When I first heard about the Fat Letters being sent home from school I thought to myself is this over the top because of how it can affect a child's self esteem and put more pressure on them from their parents and schools to get their BMI down. Now when I think about it more I'm broken between the two because on one side I feel for the kids that have to go though this and as well as deal with ridicule from their peers who are not over weight, but on a health stand point this makes all good sense and could give the child the motivation that they need in order to start eating right and doing basic exercise. Some of this blame is on the parents, if them being over weight is not by genetics, but sometimes us parents give kids what they want to eat and let them over eat until they end up going over the normal weight for their age type. We are all guilty of this at one time or another because I honestly know that I have given the kids sweets and unhealthy food before when they demanded it and wanted it.

Measure You And Your Child's BMI Here

I created a blog post not to long ago about measuring your BMI and you can right now see what you and your child's BMI is by visiting this page. What is My Child's BMI I also have a BMI calculator for adults there too, so be sure to check and see what it is for all of you.

Additional Information About Schools Health Policies

You can find some great information about school health policies and other school health information on the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention)website at: Government School Health information

Current Video By Fox News Showing A Doctor And Concerned Parent About The BMI Report Cards

In this video you can see that generally parents are not so much for the letters being sent home, but the professional health industry is.

List of States that send BMI Report Cards Home.

"It would be nice to have the whole list of the 19 states, but this is a start".

New York

This is the list of states that I could find so far after spending a few hours looking, so if you know of the anymore please leave a comment and I will add it to it.

This made such an impact in the health media that even Malaysia is following in our foot steps by sending home BMI report cards or otherwise dubbed as Fat Letters.

I'm still torn by the outcome of these fat letters, so I would like to know what some of the readers thoughts are on this subject matter, so please, if you have time leave a comment.

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Diet Soda Pop Soft Drink Health Risks

Diet Soda Health Problems

We all at one time or another had a soda and when we decided that we wanted to lose some weight we just simply switched over to diet soda on the fact that it simply says diet on the can, so it must be much better for you and will help you lose weight right? No this isn't true at all the fact is this too me is false and they shouldn't be able to market it as diet if anything at all it should have a warning label that states the health risk associated with the fake sweeteners they put into it which is usually aspartame. Drinking any type of soda is not only bad for you, but it also poses a health risk.

What Is Aspartame?

that you can read up more about here but for the most part it is methyl ester which means it's a compound of chemicals that includes methyl as the main ingredient.

What Is Aspartame Used For?

Aspartame is a chemical made to be an alternative sweetener for drinks and foods. According to the FDA it is perfectly safe to consume this horrible drug at it's current levels what ever that means.

The FDA Says It's Ok To Intake Aspartame So It Must Be Good For Me Right?

Aspartame has been scrutinized for many years and with good reason. This recent study on Diet Soda goes to prove even more about the health risk associated with drinking drinks that have artificial sweeteners and as we know the most common one used is aspartame.

Aspartame Study 2013

In this 11 page study you can see that it clearly states accumulating evidence to show that Aspartame and other sweeteners give the takers risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and are you ready for it? Ding Ding Ding Weight Gain! Wow diet soda makes you gain weight, who would have ever thought. What else will the FDA Approve and the funny thing is that the things that are good for us seem to never get approved by the FDA it really starts to makes you wonder.

Here Is A List Of Natural Alternatives To Aspartame & Other Artificial Sweeteners

1) Honey and not the kind you get from the store, but real honey from a farmers market.

2) Stevia is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners, just try to get the organic kind.

3) Agave is a descent choice to, but my number one is honey yum!

The above listed are great, but most go with Stevia because you can easily pick it up at the grocery store and the same with Agave. If I had to pick from the two I would personally go with Stevia though.

That concludes this post, but I welcome you to share your thoughts on the subject in a comment.

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