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Top 10 Diet Myths Debunked

Diet Myths

What Are The Top 10 Diet Myths

Ideally, to live a better life, diet plays a significant role. In fact, people with excess weight and in need of weight loss programs are advised by their doctors or their medical experts to check on their diets. This implies that whatever they are consuming contributes a bigger percentage of weight gain. However, proper dietary has been hindered by some myths that circulate in the air and various online blogs. Nevertheless, in most cases, such diet myths are dubious and people are advised to ignore them. In this regard, the following are the top ten diet myths that need to be debunked:

1: Eat only when you are hungry

This is a myth that has been going round in the air-advising people to skip some meals and take them only when they feel hungry just to save some calories. However, research conducted at the NWCR (National Weight Control Registry) shows that taking food on a regular interval is the key to weight-loss accomplishment. Indeed, people are supposed to eat healthy meals following a strict schedule, mainly after four to five hours regardless of whether it is a holiday, weekend, or weekday. Therefore, meal skippers are at a risk to weight problems because once they feel hungry and desires to eat, they tend to eat too much of the wrong stuff.

2: Red meat is not good for our health

Well, you will might hear some people saying that eating red meat is bad for our health. However, when prompted to justify their statements, they will always give scanty justification. Right, some studies have shown that red-meat is saturated with fat content that might increase the risk of getting heart diseases.

The truth of the matter is that it is not only red meat that contains a high content of fats, however, chicken meat contains even higher contents of fats-and most people like taking chicken meat! In this regard, it is just a myth that red-meat is not good for your health. Therefore, instead of excluding completely red meats, you are advised to opt for leaner cut(s) of pork and beef. For pork, choose loin chops and tenderloin; for beef, you can choose top round roast, flank, and top sirloin.

3: Sugar causes diabetes

The most common diet myth that probably goes round among many people with diabetes is that they got it due to excessive consumption of sugary foods. Truthfully, sugar intake will never cause diabetes. In fact, the main causes Type 2 diabetes include consuming diets with high calories, inactive lifestyle, and being overweight. Otherwise, those already with diabetes, need to keep an eye on their carbohydrate and sugar levels with the aid of a specialist or registered dietitian who is an expert in managing blood sugar level.

4: Brown sugar is the best compared to white sugar

Ideally, when you go shopping in a near grocery store, you will be surprised to learn that some people prefer brown sugar to white sugar. Well, brown sugar is actually white sugar with some few amounts of molasses (minerals) added to it. Not unless you consume gigantic portions of brown sugar on a daily basis, the difference in the mineral content between the two sugars is insignificant, which implies that both are just the same.

5: Avoid seafood if you need to lower the cholesterol levels

It is unbelievable that the above myth is so common to the extent that some doctors agree to it! However, research has shown that dietary cholesterol in seafood has a small effect(s) on the blood cholesterol among many people and the above video shows a list of fish that will help you actually help lower your cholesterol. Ideally, trans fatty acids and saturated fats are the culprits responsible for raising blood cholesterol. Saturated fats are commonly found in packaged foods and meat products while packaged snack foods, firm margarine, and deep-fried foods are rich in trans fatty acids.

6: All fats are considered bad

For a longer time, the above diet myth has been common among many people. However, the fact is that we all need fats for one purpose or another. Nevertheless, when taken excessively, it can contribute to heart diseases, weight gain, and leads to cancerous growth.

The reality is that all fats are not equally created. Indeed, some fats play a great role in promoting good and better health while others increases the risk of getting the above health complications. In this regard, the key idea is to replace some bad fats such as trans and saturated fats with some good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

7: White eggs are less nutritious than brown eggs

It is unbelievable that some people agree that the color of an eggshell determines the quality, nutritive value, flavor, and cooking characteristics of an egg. Ideally, the eggshell color is a factor that depends on the hen’s breed.

Research has shown that hens that has white ear lobes and feathers lay white-shelled eggs while those with red earlobes & feathers produces eggs with brown shells. Therefore, there is absolutely no difference between the two colored eggs; all of them have the same dietary effects.

8: Avoid Eating nuts lest you get more fats

Well, it is very true that nuts are calorically dense. For instance, 15 cashews deliver 180 kilocalories. Nuts can be amazing part of your healthy diet, just check out the video to learn more. In fact, it has been established that nuts contain high amount of plant sterols as well as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, that plays a significant role in lowering LDL cholesterol.

9: If you need to lose weight, do away with carbohydrates

Ideally, many people understand that low-carb diets contain carbohydrates that promote the rate at which insulin is produced, which in turn leads to weight gain. Therefore, it implies that by reducing its intake, it will help one to lose excess weight. Unfortunately, it is just a diet myth.

Truthly, any low-carb diets are usually calorie-restricted. It means that, if you need to lose weight in in just one week, you are required to eat about 500 fewer calories in your daily diet. In this regard, it does not matter if you take a low-carb or high-carb diets, you will just reduce weight if only you decrease the amount of caloric intake to a lower level less than required to maintain your desired weight.

10: Eating ice cream during pregnancy is bad

Normally, energy requirement among different individuals during pregnancy varies greatly, which implies that they need to take foods that provide instant energy. Awkwardly, the clue that pregnant women should never eat ice cream during such periods is just one of the dietary myths. Ideally, a daily prenatal-multivitamin supplement is commonly recommended, but not a routine consumption of ice cream, so it's ok in moderation.


The list of diet myths is just endless. However, the above are the top ten that are more common among many people. In this regard, people are advised to know the truth rather clinging to ideas that can ruin their health.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter from our family to yours.

May you enjoy this blessed day with your family and friends and rejoice in his love.

I would also like to thank my readers and customers of this blog for trusting my content to be reliable and trusting me as your Skinny Fiber Distributor as without you I would have nothing to share and wouldn't be able to spend this wonderful day with my family while working from home.

God Bless You All!


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Review Of The Vegetarian Diet And Why You Should Adopt It

Vegetarian Diet Food.

If you are or are thinking of becoming a vegetarian, one of the most important things you can do is figuring out which kind of diet to go on. This is an important issue, but one which many people take for granted. However, you need to remember that if you don’t eat the right kind of food as a vegetarian, you are unlikely to fully benefit from such a diet.

What are the risks of using the wrong kind of diet?

Though having a vegetarian diet is a good idea, eating the wrong kind of food when you are in such a diet is never a good idea. Remember, when you are a vegetarian, you will be missing out on a number of nutrients that are only found in animal products, and which are still essential in determining how healthy you are. A very good example of this is the protein that you mostly get from animal products, and which are essential for one’s growth and development.

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Skinny Fiber 3rd Party Unbiased Opinion

Does Skinny Fiber really work

Skinny Fiber - 3 Ingredients To Weight Loss!

You must have tried numerous weight loss products and diets of all kinds to shed those extra pounds from your body. How many of them did stand by their claims? How many of them did actually work? There are certain products that do work, but require a lot of time and dedication, which may not be possible for a person living in this fast-paced life. Keeping in view today’s lifestyle, it is important to find a product that can help you lose weight without having to indulge in any kind of rigorous activities. Moreover, you body needs to be completely healthy to be able to burn the required amount of fat in the body. That means, if you are ill or your body lacks the confidence to fight enough fat, you may not be able to lose weight as effectively as you desire. This is where the Skinny Fiber sets apart from any other weight loss product available in the market!

What is Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber ingredientsSkinny Fiber is basically an appetite suppressant designed in a way to help you lose weight in a natural way. Advertisers have marketed the product claiming to be one of the most safe and effective formulation that lets you lose weight without damaging the health. Packed with nutrient rich enzymes and fiber, these effective diet pills claim to trigger the weight loss factors for natural fat burning. Glucomannan is the main ingredient used in the product, delivering maximum effect. Formulated with some of the best ingredients, the Skinny Fiber is much more than just another weight management supplement. Here are some benefits of using Skinny Fiber:

● Proprietary Formula

● Provide antioxidant properties

● May help promote weight management

● Support healthy digestion

● Helps support detoxification

Experience Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a rich source of fiber and used in many healthy recipes around the world. This ingredient is best known to help reducing weight by occupying the abdominal region in the body. It works by suppressing the cravings and reducing hunger, making a person feel fuller for a long period of time. This amazing property is what leads the product in the market of weight loss supplements.

Glucomannan, as defined by scientists is a unique food additive used as a thickener and emulsifier. When consumed regularly, it expands in the stomach making it feel full. Hence, suppressing the appetite, which is subsequently one of the major enemies of weight management. In addition, Glucomannan has shown to deliver other health benefits such as managing cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Apart from Glucomannan, there are other two main components that make Skinny Fiber a successful product for weight management. These ingredients are:

Caralluma – Caralluma is a flowering plant related to dogbane family. Most of the species grow in Africa and used majorly used for medicinal purposes. Frequent users of this plant have reported increased energy levels and better health. It also helps improving the metabolism rate which automatically makes the fat burning process fast and easier.

Cha de Bugre – This ingredient comes from a Brazilian tree, which produces a berry like fruit. This fruit is then used in the product for enhancing the impact of other ingredients. This fruit also suppresses the appetite, and at the same time helps boost the metabolism, improving the ability to burn fat.

To learn more about the Skinny Fiber ingredients visit here.

Skinny Fiber- How It Works?

How does Skinny Fiber workAs mentioned earlier, the Skinny Fiber is made with all natural ingredients that together work to reduce the appetite, suppress hunger cravings and boost metabolism. Since toxins and weak immune system can affect the fat burning process, the product also works in helping the body get rid of these factors. Best part is that the ingredients used are 100% natural and used in the right quantity to prevent any kind of side effects. All the ingredients are used in their natural form, without further processing, which automatically boost their functioning.

Now that you are aware of all the features and working of these diet pills, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the product. This comparison will help you decide whether you should try the product or not.

Pros of Skinny Fiber

Benefits of Skinny Fiber● It is a natural dietary supplement which uses extracts of four herbal plants that are best known for their weight loss properties since ancient times.

● The main ingredient used in the product is Glucomannan, a fiber which helps controlling hunger and necessary food cravings.

● Skinny Fiber suppresses and controls appetite.

● All the ingredients are clearly explained on the manufacturer’s official websites.

● Skinny Fiber delivers faster results than any other dietary supplements.

● It comes in an attractive and cute packaging.

● You also get a few free bottles of the supplement when choosing different packages

Skinny Fiber Pros and Cons

Cons of Skinny Fiber

● One of the major drawbacks is that it is only available online. There’s no other way to purchase the product.

● You have to do a bit of research to find the right source to buy the product.

● The packaging may not entice all user groups due to its chic appeal.

Does Skinny Fiber Work

Who Should Buy Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber is considered to be ideal for people who desire to lose weight without having to put any kind of additional efforts. It can also be a good product for people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. However, pregnant ladies and children should avoid or consult their GP for more guidance. Also, one should know if they are allergic to any of the listed Skinny Fiber ingredients

Skinny Fiber - The Final Verdict

Skinny Fiber ReviewOverall, it can be said that Skinny Fiber provides an effective and natural way to manage weight issues. But one needs to understand that this is not a magical pill. With regular use of these diet pills, you can lose substantial amount of weight on a couple of weeks, provided you follow the manufacturer’s directions. This all-natural weight loss supplement is totally safe to use and so far has proven to work for millions of people around the world. Using Skinny Fiber may not even require you to change your diet or increase exercising schedule, but incorporating these factors will definitely deliver much faster and lasting results.

This blog post was provided by an outside party and is a 100% informational and was wrote up in a way to provide a complete unbiased opinion of Skinny Fiber.

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Benefits Of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass and its health benefits

Food made from plants is always good for your health. One of the common foods prepared from plants is wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is made from the common wheat plant. Cotyledons of the plant are usually the main ingredients in the food preparation. Wheatgrass is usually sold as juice. Similar to other plants there is presence of minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and amino acids. This enables the juice to have various health benefits.

Green Tea Weight Loss Review

Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

What Is Green Tea

Most people today are aware of the fact the green tea provides numerous health benefits. It's a great antioxidant, it lowers cholesterol, reduces the chances of heart disease, kills bacteria in the mouth, helps prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's. However, the question that has been looming in recent yeas is, does green tea help you lose weight?

The answer is a resounding, YES!! Much research has been done and all have drawn the conclusion that incorporating green tea into healthy diet promotes healthy weight loss. Many companies market weight loss pills that claim to help people lose weight either through meal suppression, thermogenesis or a combination of the two. Most of these contain green tea extract along with a host of chemicals and unrecognizable additions. Many of the pills out there are often later found to be unsafe. They can cause "jitters" from an overabundance of caffeine. Dehydration from excessive reliance on diuretics. Some can even cause renal failure. Green tea and Skinny Fiber provide a natural healthy alternative to diet pills or excessive coffee drinking.