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Nutrisystem Diet Reviews On Food Ratings & More

Nutrisystem Review

The Nutrisystem diet plan is something that you probably heard of and, in this article; we are going to give you Nutrisystem diet review. Essentially, it tries to simplify weight loss, turning all those sacrifices required into something a lot simpler. Basically, with the Nutrisystem diet plan, you won’t have to count calories, you won’t have to count carbs, you won’t have to spend a whole lot of time researching and deciding what food you can eat and should eat and especially you won’t have to worry about portion sizes, so you won’t starve as well. This looks too good to be true, and you’re probably still looking for information after reading some Nutrisystem diet reviews, but don’t worry, we’ll sum things up on this one.

Still, you won’t be eating whatever you want to eat, that would make it too good to be true (and a scam). What you’ll be doing is buying all your food from Nutrisystem. Essentially, the company itself ships the food to your door, so your lunch, dinner, breakfast and even your desserts will be coming from the company. There is still the possibility for you to add items not bought from the company, but these are pretty limited: items such as fruit and veggies.

Can Pregnant Woman do Nutrisystem

How The Nutrisystem Diet Plan Works

The Nutrisystem diet plan is limited and not for pregnant women, people with certain allergies or dietary requirements and people with chronic kidney disease. The problem with the plan is that you are basically required to stay away from alcohol and are complexly discouraged to eat out. The system, nevertheless, works. If you stick to the system and keep on doings things exactly as you should, you can expect weight to be lost at the cost of your sacrifices. It will be hard to stop the plan after you reach your goals, however.

Honestly, the difficulty level the Nutrisystem diet plan has isn’t too big at all, nor is it too easy. You get packaged food delivered to you, and it’s very easy to order food for the whole month. Things are already done for you so it doesn’t require a lot of work at all which makes it really easy. You do need a lot of control over what you eat and your desires since you won’t be able to completely control what you eat while on the plan. Furthermore, you’ll get less calories than what you’re used to, so the urge to eat will be big (at least at first).

Nutrisystem Food Ratings

How To Get Nutrisystem Foods

The food limitations aren’t so bad, however. Nutrisystem offers at least 30 options for each meal, which means that there is still some room for variety within the diet plan. Moreover, you’ll have dozens of items you’ll be able to buy at the grocery store, so you pretty much have what’s good for you outlined, allowing you to access weight loss with ease.

As far as cooking goes, you won’t have to worry about much. The main skill you are going to need is to be capable of heating up food properly. Most meals you buy from the company are either ready to eat or simply require some heat. There are some vegetables and other items you’ll be able to buy from the grocery store that do require cooking skills, but they won’t be too complicated (unless you make it so). The Nutrisystem diet plan includes plans for people following some dietary restrictions such as people with diabetes or vegetarians.

You can sign up for meals plans with the company here, which means they’ll deliver the food to you without any worries, but if you aren’t comfortable with this, you can also buy 28 day shipments of food or select each item yourself, one by one. Exercise isn’t mandatory, but it is certainly encouraged. According to Nutrisystem, you should be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise done daily, even if broken up into small pieces throughout the day.

Cost Of Nutrisystem Diet Foods

The diet isn’t very expensive, at least not as expensive as one would expect it to be. What you will pay is really going to depending on that type of plan you decide to have. Plans for men, for women, for vegetarians, for teenager or for adults are all going to vary. As a general rule, you can expect the price to range from around $ 200 to $ 400 a month for the food you get from Nutrisystem. Whatever you buy at the grocery store won’t be included in these costs.

As to what you are going to eat, it depends, but here are some of the options offered by Nutrisystem. For breakfast, you’ll have options such as oatmeal, granola and pancakes. For lunches and dinners, you’ll have options such as tacos, chicken with pasta, chili, stews, soups and even pizzas. Desserts include cakes and cookies. Aside from these recommended foods, you are also going to have a list of items you can buy at the grocery store to combine with the plan.

Conclusion Of The Nutrisystem Diet Review

Overall, the plan is going to help you get a variety of nutrients into your system, limit the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis, and limit the amount of sodium as well. From this program, you can expect to consistently lose at least one pound or two on a weekly basis. Of course, the amount you actually lose is going to depend on a variety of factors, including what you buy from the grocery store and how much you exercise or take Skinny Fiber as a way to increase your weight loss.

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Fake Supplements Sold - Walmart GNC Walgreens Target

Fake Vitamins

As it turns out you might have heard by now that Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC have all been caught selling fillers not on the label and fake supplements / vitamins in their brand supplements and vitamins this was breaking news brought by the New York Attorney Generals office to do an investigation by using DNA testing on their supplements.

New York Times Prompts Investigation For Fakes Supplements

The New York Times had publish an article that lead to the New York Attorney Generals office to further the investigation.

As of now all big brand stores have received cease and desist letters stating that they have to stop with the selling of their supplements and vitamins.

Some of these fillers that where found via the DNA testing of the supplements include mustered seed, house plants beans and other fillers that could poise an allergic reaction to those who are susceptible to them.

Walmarts ginkgo biloba was found to have rice, mustard, wheat and radish not containing any ginkgo biloba in it and the buck doesn't stop there other products include St. John's Wort, GNC's Herbal Plus, Walgreen's Finest Nutrition, Targets Up & Up and Walmart's Spring Valley products you can Read the Test Results and Cease and Desist Letters Here on all of these supplements. To my surprise you think why or how they would get away with this and the truth is that most of these big brands get have their supplements made in China or other countries and to elaborate more the FDA only gets involved with vitamins and supplements when they have already poised a threat to consumers.

PBS News Video With Eric Schneiderman Talking About Fake Supplements & Vitamins

To sum it up people were getting this! "Mustard"
Mustard Plant

And not this! "Ginkgo Biloba"
Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Now if you were to go to your favorite restaurant and order salmon, but instead you get a cheese burger and then you eat it without even knowing it was not salmon, but yet later find out you have been had wouldn't you be a little pissed off about it. Now put this to an even bigger scale and now you got this scandal that just broke out with the selling of fake supplements!

For my personal use of supplements and vitamins I find it best to learn where they come from and yes they may cost more if they are made in a FDA Approved Lab here in the USA, but at least I know that I am getting what I am paying for.

It is sad to see such big brands doing this and getting away with it for so long and then people wonder why their supplements and vitamins are not working, which they probable would if they were of true quality and not average house plants.

Now out of these brands Target, Walmart, Walgreens and GNC I think GNC is the worst for doing this in my personal opinion because supplements and vitamins are what they are known for!

"A big thank you to the New York Times for getting this out there and a huge thank you to the New York's Attorney General's Office for taking action on these claims."

On a side note you can rest assured knowing that our Skinny Fiber is made in America and in a FDA Approved Lab!

If you happen to have any of these supplements or vitamins make sure you don't take them but maybe hang onto them for a soon to be class action lawsuit!

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Jenny Craig Diet Reviews: What You Should Know

Jenny Craig Diet Reviews

Jenny Craig is one of the world’s largest diet management companies. Having been founded in 1983, and with over 30 years’ experience, the company has recently been receiving widespread media attention by hiring celebrity spokespeople like Mariah Carey, Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli to represent the brand. But what can benefit from Jenny Craig?

Finding the right weight loss and diet management program requires asking yourself a couple of questions about your health, your diet history and your budget.

By taking time to read through Jenny Craig diet reviews you will be able to determine your needs as a dieter. Read a Jenny Craig diet review and evaluate which weight program is best for you.

Can Jenny Craig work for me

How the Jenny Craig Diet Program Works

The Jenny Craig motto is “Eat Well, Move More and Live Life.” People who follow the Jenny Craig program, don’t weigh food, measure portions or count calories while on the program. Rather they eat pre-packed Jenny Cuisines that are packed up at Jenny Craig centers and delivered to clients.

Dieters following the program weight themselves each week at home or at any of the program centers. The program is specifically designed to help you lose a percent of your body weight each week. Weight is lost by increasing exercise and spontaneous activity, and limiting calories.

Every client undergoing the program is paired with an experienced dietician, referred to as a consultant. This consultant creates your regimen, and checks up on you every week. Here or she also helps plan menus and addresses any challenges that may arise. You can meet your consultant at the Jenny Craig center or at home.

How Much Does Jenny Craig Costs

How much is Jenny Craig
When deciding how much you will pay for a Jenny Craig program, you also need to factor in the membership fee and the cost of the pre-packed foods. Clients also have the option to bring their own vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods. The Jenny Cuisine menu can be purchased for a price ranging between $12 and $18 a day, depending on your menu preferences, budget and calorie intake.

Membership fees differ based on the membership level you choose. For the budget-conscious dieter, Jenny Craig has 4 week program called the Jenny-Set-Go which costs $30 as well as the cost of foods. Lengthier memberships like the Premier Success Program that goes for $399 per year and the Metabolic Max Program which comes inclusive of a BodyMedia Armband as well as six month access to a BodyMedia Activity Manager. The Jenny Craig website has detailed information about the membership.

A major part of Jenny Craig program will depend on you increasing your level of activity. If you need help with an exercise program, an online fitness program is available for clients at an extra fee.

Does Jenny Craig food taste good

Jenny Craig Food

Jenny Craig offers a good program for those without time to prepare food at home or shop. Clients can choose from a range of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Clients are expected to provide additional vegetables, fruits and other healthy food options.

Breakfast options include, but are not limited to:

• Cinnamon French Toast

• Cheddar Cheese Omelet

• Triple Grain Cereal

Lunch options include:

• Cheese Potato and Broccoli

• Chicken and Cheesy Potatoes

• Beef Chow Mein

Dinner choices include:

• Chicken Carbonara

• Beans with Chili Beef

• Chicken Fajitas

Snacks and dessert selections such as cookies, bars and snack foods like cheese curls and pretzels. Menu selections include foods that are high in calories and different from the traditional diet. To ensure low calorie count, portions are significantly small and Jenny Craig food experts have devised the ingredients.

The Jenny Craig program is in-line with 2005 USDA Diet Guidelines for American people. The weight loss program guidelines are generally aimed to weight reduction for the overall population. Clients with certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure may need to take extra caution when it comes to their food choices. Salt content in some food selections is high.
Jenny Craig good and bad

Pros and Cons and Jenny Craig

A number of reputable sources have provided reviews for the Jenny Craig program. The program was highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report, and chosen as the “best diet” by some of these sources have however noted some drawbacks.


• Comprehensive and Easy. Jenny Craig clients receive a detailed diet and exercise plan each week they meet their consultants.

• The foods come pre-packed, taking all the guesswork out of portion control. Jenny Craig was rated the second easiest weight management program by U.S. News and World Report.

• Motivational support is fostered into the Jenny Craig weight loss program right from the start of the diet plan. The face-to-face option gives the program an edge over its competitor, Nutrisystem. The programs personalized approached was cited when Consumer Reports gave it the top diet rating.


• Taste. During a Consumer Report examination of Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem foods, it was noted that Jenny Craig got a leg over Nutrisystem in taste, but by only a small fraction. The source also stated that both diet plans did not have the best taste.

• Cost. Although the cost of the Jenny Craig weight management program is normally viewed as a drawback to its dietary plan; the program cost largely depends on the kind of plan you select, your location and time of the year that you sign up for it. Jenny Craig does offer several discounts on its plans, but they come occasionally.

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