Monday, June 29, 2015

Skinny Fiber While Using Portion Control Plates & Bowls

portion control plates and bowls

When it comes to losing weight portion control is very important. Skinny Fiber helps you by feeling full among other things that you can read about here.

You should really take into consideration though that Skinny Fiber will help you get started with your weight loss, but weight loss should become a lifestyle. With that said today in this post I would like to talk about the importance of portion control and give you a few tips to keep in order to make this a habit of yours.

First Step To Portion Control For Weight Loss

Many weight loss studies suggest that most people who are overweight simply just over eat and though time gain weight.

What you should do to get back on track and develop healthy eating habits.

To get started with healthy eating habits first you wanna take your Skinny Fiber, so that your body will get use to eating less without the gut wrenching feeling of feeling extremely hungry.

Step 2 to losing weight with Portion Control Plates and Bowls

Now that you got started with your Skinny Fiber the next step is to toss out or pack up all your plates and bowls! Yes that is right just toss them out as they are one of the top reasons why you are over eating.

What you need to do is find plates and bowls that are proportioned correctly, so that you don't over eat.

While searching for a product like this you want to keep in mind that there are many out on the market. I find it best to find one that has the actual measurements on them, so this will also help you keep your food log more accurate and you can measure your progress better over time.

Learn How To Create A Food Log Here!

You may still feel hungry at first, but once your body gets use to eating the correct amount of food along with your Skinny Fiber you are going to maximize your results.

I took the time to find you some good ones on Amazon.

I put the last one up there just incase you wanted to keep your same dishes because it goes over your current plates, but it's not a bowl :).

Step 3 To A Healthy Weight Loss Lifestyle

Now that you are getting use to it you have to remember that by choosing to lose weight you have told yourself that you wanted to change and start living healthy, but once you actually lose the weight it doesn't just stop there you have to be committed and make this a lifestyle change, so you don't end up going back to old habits that once ran your life how it wanted to. You need to be in full control and not some nasty eating habit. Now I know this is very much easier said then done, but it needs to be done and by practicing portion control while using Skinny Fiber you are starting off on the right track.

Friday, June 26, 2015

What Kind Of Protein Powder Works Best For You

protien powder

If you are a hardcore gym goer protein powder is a must needed product because it allows you to recover quicker and helps your muscles grow.

With the many different kinds of protein powders out on the market today it can become very overwhelming and at times confusing to figure out what kind of protein is best for you and your body or rather what you are looking to accomplish rather it be weight loss, building muscle or just simply daily use.

If you are not taking protein because you are unsure of it or have tried it in the past, but didn't like it let's compare the difference between them.

Whey Protein.

This kind of protein powder is the most widely known and this could be because of several different reasons. Whey can vary greatly in pricing to cheap to expensive depending on the brand and what is included in it such as added vitamins and minerals. With whey protein being so diverse and readily available in most any stores makes it appealing and widely known to most of the population.

Whey protein is made from milk, so it isn't the best kind to get for those who are lactose intolerant.

This kind of protein is good in that it is easier for your body to digest unless you are a in fact lactose intolerant. It can also help you lower the risk of muscle breakdown and increase muscle recovery time.

I personally do not think this as the best weight loss protein powder, but is great for people who are looking to build up more muscle or workout frequently.

Soy Protein

This kind of protein is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and can't handle milk based protein powders such as whey because soy protein is a all plant based product.

Soy protein is usually higher in fiber than whey and lower in carbs so this protein would be an ok one to use if you are trying to lose weight.

I don't really recommend taking a soy protein all of the time due to the fact that their have been some studies about soy causing estrogen cancer within women and some showing that it can actually help prevent it, so this is a very controversial subject and I just recommend taking it in moderation until more is known on the subject. You can read a useful article that is more in depth about this here Soy Protein Case Study.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein powder is great because of a few reasons being that it is a plant protein it's a great alternative to soy and is appealing to fellow vegans ( we offer vegan skinny fiber capsules by the way ) It also offers inflammation relief due to offering omega 6 fatty acids and is high in fiber content. Because of the fiber content in hemp protein this would be a great protein powder to mix in with Skinny Fiber for an added weight loss benefit.

With the many brands and variations of protein powder out on the market today you will find that some will contain more carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals in them than others and cost can vary greatly. They also come in many different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

There are a few other protein powders out on the market, but this covers the most common ones that you will encounter.

Let's sum it up what we have learned.

Whey Protein Powder is great for people who are looking to build muscles and can handle milk. Soy can have some benefits, but should be taken in moderation and Hemp Protein offers a few added benefits and is the most ideal form for weight loss.

Did you know as an added benefit you can boost the weight loss effects of your protein powder drinks you can help boost the effects with Skinny Fiber?

Just simply make your protein drink and then open up 2 Skinny Fiber Capsules and mix it in with it!

While writing this I have noticed I haven't made up a different list of protein powder recipes, so stay tuned as this could very well be my next post to share with you. In the meantime feel free to check out these awesome drink recipe post!

Juicing Recipes

Smoothie Recipes

Are you already taking a protein powder? Share your favorite kind and brand in a comment below telling us why it is the best!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Skinny Fiber Home Business Reviews

home based business awards

My wife and I have been with Skinny Fiber or rather Skinny Body Care (SBC) for 3 years now as independant distributors.

I can safely say that out of the many home based businesses out on the market today that this has easily been the best one that we have joined.

Now before you start off saying that you have read other reviews about the Skinny Fiber business please note that you will find some that are positive reviews and some that are negative reviews and this is simply because it is like starting an actual business. The tools and training you get from your upline sponsors really matters if you are going to be successful or not.

A good way to look at this is that not all franchise restaurants perform as well as the next and even though they are a franchised business they still go out of business for one reason or another, but the franchise or brand itself still stays in business.

The Skinny Fiber home business is much like this in it's own sense, other than not being a brick and mortar location.

I remember when we first started we too were scared and were not sure of what to do as already trying a few other home businesses that just didn't work out for us.

We got past our fears and dove into the business head on.

It took a lot of work at first to establish ourselves such as putting up this blog and getting out on social media, but once we did all of that things just started happening and real people became interested in the product, they started asking questions and shortly after started buying.

We even have on going customers because you see Skinny Fiber unlike some other home business products actually works and people buy it because of that.

Sure some will say that Skinny Fiber cost too much, but that is simply not the case it's because they haven't seen or understand the value of the product.

A good example of this is buying a cheap weight loss product in hopes that it works, but when it dosen't work as planed you still wasted your money on something that didn't work right?

Skinny Fiber actually works and saves you time and money by actually working, so you see the value of Skinny Fiber could be whatever you are willing to pay for an actual product that works.

Now once you understand that you will be good at the Skinny Fiber home business and you will have happy customers who will return to you as long as you continue to help them on their weight loss journey and trust me they really need you as you need them. They need the support and help and that is what any good Skinny Fiber rep will do is help guide and couch them though their 90 day Skinny Fiber Challenge.

Now once we started doing this with our customers and giving them an understanding on how to take the product and what to do they started losing their weight and have been very happy with the product and their weight loss results.

Below is a picture of my Skinny Fiber leadership award.

skinny body care leaders

It was a great day when I got the package in the mail saying that I had won the leadership award for the Skinny Fiber business.

I reflect on that and think to myself what did I do differently to earn such an award and the answer is simple I just helped as many people that I could and by doing so they helped me in my business.

If you are considering joining the Skinny Fiber home business and are looking to be with people who like helping people get what they want then join us here at

But now before you do don't join unless you understand that just like anything else it takes work, but can be done on your own time and that you decide the outcome of your success, so I guess what I am saying is that I can give you the tools, tell you what to do and how to do it, but it's up to you to do it.

Just like the back of the shirt says "It has to be earned" and so does success!

home business leaders

It is my hope that this article has helped you in deciding rather the Skinny Fiber home business is for you or not, but it sure was a great fit for us! If you should have any questions regarding it feel free to contact me.

I also recommend you to sign up for FREE HOME BUSINESS TRAINING on this page here!

You will get a once a week email with a task of what to do, so that you can become a success in your online business!