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How To Get Rid Of A Staph Infection Under 30 Dollars & Seeing An Actual Doctor Free

MRSA Staph Infection

Ok so unfortunately you have gotten a staph infection!

What is a staph infection? A staph infection can be a number of things such as
methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria. It can also be referred to as cellulitis, infantigo and many other common bacteria infection issues are all caused by staph bacteria.

This is a very painful skin infection and is very hard to get rid of and unfortunately some people end up having to deal with it for the rest of their lives and if the infection turns out to be MRSA it could become even deadly, so how do you really get rid of a staph infection for under a 30 dollars?

Below I have listed ways you can actually get rid of a staph infection for under 30 dollars and this includes even seeing a real doctor without insurance!

I created this how to guide after dealing with a staph infection myself. I think I got it either from a restaurant or at the beach.

I dealt with the pain for about a year taking all sorts of antibiotics and they would work a little, but it always seemed to come back, so how I really got rid of it is listed below.

The kind of antibiotics I tried are Tetracycline, Clindamycin, Ciprofloxacin, Bacterium and Doxycycline. Like I said these worked a little, but didn't work even after being on them for months. Unfortunately too going to the doctors without insurance is very expensive and when you do go it cost you about 80 bucks and then you see an actual doctor for about 5 mins and they rush you out the door and send you home without even talking to you about maybe another issue you wanted to talk about while you are already there. They usually say "One thing at a time", so then you have to go and see them again for another issue that could just be minor and bam there's another 80 just to see them not including the prescription cost. Now after dealing with this for a year I got fed up with it all and realized between seeing a doctor and dealing with the prescription cost I simply can't afford to waste money on something that isn't working to rid me of this horrible painful staph infection and thought that I may end up having to deal with this for the rest of my life.

Now before I get into it it's important to note that I tried looking for information online about staph infections and none not a single one of the articles were helpful at all and even some guy was trying to sell an ebook about getting rid of it naturally and I get it we all need to make a few bucks, but when you want help you want and really need help, so for those who like me had looked everywhere online to try and get help this is for you! I do ask one thing in return though and that is if this has helped you, which it most likely will that you share it all over Facebook and other social networks so that we can help as many people as we can who may be dealing with the same staph infection issues and really need help.

 how to kill staph with bleach

How To Rid Yourself Of Staph Bacteria

Ok to get started the first thing you need to do is buy bleach, you need to bleach your clothes because staph can linger on them for about 8 months and you can just be reinfecting yourself. Before you get into the shower put your underwear into a plastic trash bag and when you are done washing with your washcloth put it in the bag too so when you are ready to wash your clothing you can just dump it into a bleach wash! Now while in the shower you get a spray bottle put a tad bit of bleach in it and fill it the rest of the way up with water and you spray yourself with it every other day or so.

Now the next thing is if like me and you had tried all of these different antibiotics and got nowhere and are about to give up because you can't afford to see a doctor anymore don't stop fighting this stuff! Do not let it win! I have the solution for you and you are going to absolutely love me for it!

Over the course of a year I must have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket on doctors and prescriptions and that is until I got smart about it and learned two very important things.

MRSA Doctor

How To See A Real Doctor For Free Within Hours From Home

The first thing is you need a tablet or a smartphone and you download Doctors On Demand app from the Google Play Store. Now with this app you can see a doctor right from home any day of the week so yes even Sundays right now while you are actually reading this you could see a doctor! They give you a full 15 minutes and the doctor I had was willing to even talk about other things during my visit!

You also get to rate the doctors right after the visit, so you know these doctors better be good or they might get rated out! Come on now really! You can see a doctor on a Sunday and rate them too! Yes you can and guess what the first time you use the app it is a 100% free as long as you use my code coby3 you will get a free first visit and now this might sound like I'm plugin a affiliate offer and no I'm not I'm trying to really help you and you will see once you do download it and get your free visit. Now I do think it ask for a credit card before you can do the visit, but don't worry it won't charge you as long as you put that code in it will say your first visit is free.

Now that I found out about this I was excited and I tried it and sure enough I had a doctor right on my phone within an hour Sunday night. I guess since they are able to see the issue via instant video they can help you and this doctor saw the issue told me what I needed to do and felt that I had taken too many oral antibiotics so he prescribed me a topical cream called Mupirocin Ointment USP 2% and I thought this cream is a joke hows that going to work! Well guess what it did work! Now if you do happen to have insurance you can add it into the app and if you for some reason need to see them after the first visit it's only 40 dollars. It is also important to note that these doctors are actual licensed doctors in the United States and they also offer pediatricians, mental health doctors and therapist. Check out their website here and make sure to download the app and use the code coby3 to get your first visit free!

how to save money on prescriptions

How To Get Your Staph Infection Prescription For Cheap

Ok now once you have seen your doctor and he or she has wrote a prescription for you and sent it to your pharmacy which I also suggest to use Walmart as the place you want to go because there are some pharmacies that don't take the next trick because the prescriptions are discounted to low for them. The next app or website you want to look up is What you do is you put in your prescription into this site and then find the best discount code to use. Now when you are at your pharmacy to pick up your prescription you give your pharmacist the coupon code which they will plugin and you will get your discount, which is sometimes cheaper than your insurance if you have it. My creams were 100 dollars a piece and the code brought them down to 10 bucks a piece, so this site is awesome.

Now if you follow these steps you will get the kind of help you are looking for to get rid of a serious staph infection that could end up killing you, if it gets too serious for well under 30 dollars. Now I must add a disclosure and state that these are the steps I used to help cure myself and that this content may not help cure or prevent any serious diseases including cancer and is only to be used as a helpful guide and if you feel that your life is in a immediate danger please go to your local hospital emergency room.

Remember the part of the deal! If you found this content helpful in either helping you get rid of a staph infection or help with another medical issue to share it to your friends on social media! Let's get everyone the help they truly need!

Now finally a true piece of content that will help so many people who are looking for help and only finding articles that are either selling a product or not helpful at all and are just trying to bring in visitors with bad unhelpful content on MRSA infections and other staph infections.

Next time you go to the beach just remember to take caution as MRSA and Staph bacteria are everywhere!

You're welcome everyone! Please share the content to help others and or comment letting me know how this has helped you or a loved one!

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Does Skinny Body Max Work

does skinny body max work

Do you wonder if Skinny Body Max will work for you?

I'm sure you are wondering if you are reading this post, so to answer that question for you I decided to write it all out for you.

Skinny Body Max is a weight loss product that is fairly new and it has already been helping people shed pounds.

You can see a more detailed post about Skinny Body Max right here on this blog, that includes government studies on the ingredients that are included into the Skinny Body Max product.

A few things people would like to know more about when it comes to this product is, is it safe?

The answer to that question is simple Skinny Body Max is safe for most people to take and if you are wondering to buy it or not because of certain medication that you are taking, just place an order of it and take it to your doctor and ask them. I'm sure you are worried after that statement because you don't wanna have to buy a product that you are unsure of and what happens if your doctor says no? Take a deep breath and don't worry about it because guess what? Skinny Body Max just like with the rest of the Skinny Body Care products offers a 90 day money back guarantee on orders of 3 bottles or more, so yes that includes the buy 2 get 1 free. Now on the other hand if you only order just one bottle it only has the 30 day money back guarantee, so it is best to buy at least the buy two get one free even if you are just taking it to your doctor to ask them if it is ok to take along with your other medications.

So the answer to does Skinny Body Max work is a simple one. Yes it works, but you won't know how it works until you try it for yourself, so visit my other post about the Skinny Body Max product to learn more about what is in it and see the government studies for yourself. Now if you should buy it that is ok even if you are unsure because if your doctor says no you will have 90 days to return the product and get a full refund with no questions asked.

Now if you feel comfortable about it and feel that you do not need to read the other detailed post you can buy Skinny Body Max right here.

Buy Skinny Body Max Now

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HiBurn8 Night Time Weight Loss Product Review


Lose weight in your sleep is the idea behind HiBurn8, which is the newest weight loss product launched by the Skinny Body Care company.

In this article I will be listing what the product contains and link to government studies about its ingredients and furthermore include an honest conclusion about the product at the end rather it be a positive outcome or a negative one.

Now if you wish not to read any further and would just like to purchase the product please do so by visiting Buy HiBurn8 Now, but if you wish to wait before buying HiBurn8 I suggest you read on to make sure you are going to be one hundred precent committed to taking the product.

How To Use HiBurn8 Video Demonstration and Pricing

As you can see in the video it is very easy to use the product and sounds like it taste great! She goes over pricing of the bottles, which are as follows buy one at $59.95, buy two and get one free at $119.85 and the gold package at buy three get three free for $179.70.

HiBurn8 Ingredients

Hiburn8 Ingredients

Collagen Hydrolysate, Amino Acids.

Vitamin B6, Calcium Citrate

Proprietary Blend

Inositol, Aloe Vera Leaf, L­theanine, Sensoril Ashwagandha, Melatonin, Garcinia cambogia, Chamomile Extract, Lemon Balm, Ginseng Root, Licorice Root ­

HiBurn8 Ingredient Studies

A lot of the ingredients found in Hiburn8 have had studies done in the past to test their effectiveness such as the following.

A 6 month double blind study shows that Collagen Hydrolysate can help decrease joint pain by 20%.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has this to say about Aloe Vera and it's work for having anti inflammatory properties along with many other health benefits.

Chamomile Extract study with awesome results for people who have anxiety.

Vitamin B6 government fact sheet showing that it can make you calm, relaxed and much more.

Melatonin study showing that can help with sleep,

This study here had a really great outcome when it came to Sensoril Ashwagandha it showed that it could even be a treatment for people that have bipolar.

Most everyone already knows about the other ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia, so I think we have enough research to come to our conclusion about this product.

HiBurn8 Conclusion Review

The HiBurn8 name can also be confused with hibern8, high burn 8, hi burn eight, hibernate, high bern 8 along with a few others, so make sure, if you are looking for this exact product its HiBurn8 by Skinny Body Care.

There are a ton of studies done on the Hiburn8 ingredients that show not only positive results with weight loss, but other studies showing that this product may also help with sleep issues, joint pain and be beneficial for people who experience anxiety, ADHD and even bipolar.

My conclusion is that yes this is another great weight loss product developed by the Skinny Body Care team, but even if you do not need to lose weight that this product very may well be able to help you with the following listed above.

I would recommend this product to be taken along with either Skinny Fiber or the Skinny Body Max products to increase your weight loss success and not because this product wouldn't work for you, but because you take it right before bed, so it would be nice to have the others to supplement with during the day to maximise your results.

You can order HiBurn8 here. From the corporate website you can also mix and match it with the other recommended products I mentioned earlier.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Instant Youth Wrinkle Eraser By Skinny Body Care

Instant Youth

Instant Youth by Skinny Body Care is the newest product launched by the company in 2016. It claims to be an instant wrinkle remover, which shown in the picture and video proves that it works and works fast.

You can buy Instant Youth by visiting here.

Now of course there are other products out on the market that make similar claims, but none of them can compare to the Instant Youth product by Skinny Body Care.

Instant Youth Video By Skinny Body Care

I'm sure after you have watched the video proving that this product works and works fast you will want to order it.

You can purchase Instant Youth here today!

Great product for when you are wanting to go out with friends, family and even weddings. You can even use the Instant Youth product for every day, if you see fit.

I'm sure you remember a time when you wished you had a product that would remove your wrinkles instantly, rather it was at your friends wedding or even your own wedding. You might have even went out with your friends and wanted to make a pass on another person who you thought attractive, but you let your skin hold you back because of it's wrinkles. Well now you don't have to worry about them no matter how young or how old you look or feel the Instant Youth wrinkle eraser will work for you to gain back the confidence you have been lacking for so many years!

Don't wait get your Instant Youth Wrinkle eraser by Skinny Body Care today by visiting