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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does Skinny Fiber Have Side Effects

skinny fiber side effects

If you take Skinny Fiber it can have side effects while your body is adjusting. This is because Skinny Fiber detoxes your body to get rid of the bad toxins in your body. If you are having constipation it is because you are not drinking enough water while taking Skinny Fiber. Some of the detox side effects include headache, diarrhea and constipation. This does not last long and goes away after detox and the pills are working in your body. You can read more about Skinny Fiber on Skinny Fiber is a Dietary Fiber.

You can see our Skinny Fiber Product Overview Page to learn a little bit more about it.

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  1. Is there a side effect once you stop taking the pills. Does the come back on?

    1. Great questions! The answer to them is that you will not have side effects, if you stop taking the pills because they are caffeine free and gluten free herbal all natural dietary fiber supplements, so the reason why this is important is because people that have tried other supplements experience side effects because one of the main active ingredients in most diet or weight loss pills is caffeine and just like when you stop drinking coffee you will have side effects from your body not getting the caffeine it is use to, so no you will not have any problems, if you stop taking these natural caffeine, gluten free pills. To answer your second question The weight will not come back on unless you go back to having an unhealthy lifestyle.

  2. Is it required to 0nly take 4caps a day?

  3. Is alcohol ok while taking it?

  4. I started skinny fiber a few days ago and have been having headaches how long will this last

  5. If you are having headaches from Skinny Fiber they usually go away within the detox stage, which is different for each person, but usually no longer than a few weeks.

  6. Is it safe to take Tylenol or Advil to relieve the headaches while on Skinny Fiber?

  7. Yes of course you can. I just suggest that you do not take it at the same time you take your Skinny Fiber.