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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Permanent Weight Loss Success In Two Steps

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1) Find a Keystone Goal.

Keystone goals are simply goals that you aim to achieve that are often more attainable than loftier goals but that, when achieved, directly help to cascade to achieving a larger more difficult goal. In particular to weight loss, for example, many people strive to work out consistently (their keystone goal) so that they are more apt to maintain a healthy diet (the cascade effect). Maintaining a healthy diet can be much harder than forcing yourself to work out a few times a week; but, there is a lot of research that shows when you have a solid workout routine in place, you're more apt to eat healthier.

2) Focus on the lifestyle, not the result: have a lifestyle leader.

Many times people who fail at their weight loss goals fail because they are too focused on the end result. Because we often set goals that are too lofty we often set ourselves up for failure. When we end up doing what is most probable--i.e. failing to lose 60 pounds in some arbitrary amount of time--we tend to blame ourselves and give up. But, the problem isn't that we've failed and need to give up, it's just that we need more realistic goals. A realistic goal, however, doesn't mean a goal where you set out to lose only 15 pounds instead of 60. No, that is also not an effective weight loss tool. A realistic goal for maintaining weight loss would be to make losing weight part of your lifestyle. So, instead of beating yourself up for not getting to the gym, just ask yourself what someone who is trying to maintain a healthy weight loss program would do... that person would likely go to the gym. If they miss a day... oh well, no biggie.. But they would make sure they'd get back as soon as possible. Because people who life a healthy lifestyle go to the gym. The same thing can be said for diet--what would a healthy person eat? If you start to live like a healthy person lives--if you start to have a lifestyle leader help you through negative thoughts--you will surely see a lifestyle of fitness as just the way you live and not some lofty goal.

Now that we know what the two simple steps are, what role does Skinny Fiber play in making this weight loss permanent?

Skinny Fiber as an easy Keystone Goal:
Because Skinny Fiber is an all natural daily diet supplement it's easy to make taking it the act that you do right before you work out. As you begin to create a routine, you're going to want to have something that is easy to do that prompts you to doing what you need to do to work out. That is, if you take the pill every time you work out always take the pill, you'll be more apt to work out. And, since working out is a keystone to a great diet, you'll see yet one more way Skinny Fiber helps you maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

Skinny Fiber as the perfect lifestyle leader:

Lifestyle leaders are things that help us live the way we want to live. If we want to live healthy, we live the way healthy people live. Since healthy people are certainly maintaining a healthy diet balanced with plenty of fiber and natural enzymes, by taking Skinny Fiber, we can use Skinny Fiber as our lifestyle leader. We take Skinny Fiber because people who are healthy and concerned about their fitness consume the same natural ingredients that make up Skinny Fiber.

By using Skinny Fiber as both a Keystone Goal and a Lifestyle Leader, we will begin our journey to permanent weight loss. If you're tired of all the failed attempts at losing weight and all the "fad" diets that promise to do the hard work for us, you need to begin your Skinny Fiber diet as soon as possible. Skinny Fiber is NOT just another weight loss fad diet. In fact, Skinny Fiber is the exact element that you're missing in your life to help you break through the constant disappointments because Skinny Fiber is a Keystone and Lifestyle choice!

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