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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gastric Band - Lap Band Alternative Skinny Fiber

Lap Band Surgery

Ok so some of you might say that calling Skinny Fiber a Lap Band Alternative is a bold statement, but you will not think that after you have read this post.

Skinny Fiber vs Adjustable gastric band aka Lap Band surgery

The Lap Band is designed to go into your body where you cause risk of infection and other problems that may arise later on because of it. It is made to help you stop over eating and feel full. The funny thing is that is exactly what Skinny Fiber is designed to do, but not only help you stop over eating it also allows you to get your necessary dietary fiber that is needed in your body in order to lose weight and keep you healthy. You can read more about what is skinny fiber here. The Adjustable gastric band surgery can also be costly.

How dose the Lap Band work?

Lap Band surgery works by putting a ring around your stomach making the top half of your somatic hold 1/2 a cup of food and normally your somatic can hold up to 6 cups of food at a time. (unless you where like me and then it probably could hold 10 or more..ok I was the guy at the stake house that would finish the 72 ounce stake and still have room) Then after the upper stomach is full from the 1/2 cup of food it sends a signal to your brain that you are full, so you think you are full. Then it slips to the bottom half of the stomach and over time the client of the lap band will lose weight. Then after you start slimming down you will have to have the band readjusted. Which means you guessed it another surgery woo hoo we got a winner! Now yes the lap band works for some, but why go though all of this just to lose weight when you can just as easily take Skinny Fiber that is designed to do the same thing making you eat less and feel full plus get fiber into your diet.

I suggest you all to watch this video before deciding to have lap band surgery!

More in depth about Lap Band surgery complications.

A common issue is Productive Burping which is where lap band clients have a regurgitation of non acidic swallowed food from the upper pouch. When this happens they suggest you to eat less and eat slow thus making sure you chew up all of your food...isn't the reason why you got the lap band because you needed help eating less...then why are they telling you to eat less...just don't make sense to me. Now if you do not chew up your food to where it is finely chewed it can cause a block yes your stomach may become blocked by larger portions of un chewed up food cause your stomach to be blocked. I hate to think of how this feels. Some people have even died after they have had the lap band surgery and if that in it's self isn't enough to scare you to your wets end I have included a number of complications that can arise from having Lap Band surgery.

Other issues lap band surgery

You can have band slippage, Infection, gastritis, erosion which can lead to internal bleeding, malposition could cause you pain suffering and bleeding(better know your doctor that is doing the surgery), the port can flip over on you once again maybe causing internal bleeding and infection, you could have mechanical errors such as leakage or cracking of the tube, infection of fluid that's inside of the lap band, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, acid reflux which fiber helps to prevent, abdominal pain, chest pain and all sorts of pain and other issues that might come up after the surgery. These have all been documented side affects to having lap band surgery.

To me it's a no brainier why put your self at risk and spend countless numbers of surgery that might come with having the lap band done and plus doctor visits are not cheap! We put it in wrong ohh sorry we can fix that guess what here is your bill sorry we messed up but we fixed it now here is your bill. Now I'm not saying that this is a horrible thing to have done. I just don't see the advantages of losing 1 to 2 pounds a week over time and then you have to go and get it adjusted plus all of the compilations that come with lap band surgery to me it is just not worth it when you can simply just do that with diet, exercise and Skinny Fiber.

Lap Band Alternative Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber is a all natural dietary fiber made up of Glucomannan, Cha de Bugre, Caralluma and digestive enzymes that you can read more about here What Is Skinny Fiber The ingredients inside of Skinny Fiber are packed full of dietary fiber, if you do not know the different types of fiber I suggest you read this Different Types Of Fiber. With the dietary fiber that is in Skinny Fiber and the other ingredients it is simply put that this natural fiber diet pill if you will is made to make you eat less and feel full. It also promotes you to have great health by giving you the dietary fiber your body needs. You see what happens is that people will stop losing weight and why they stop losing weight or can't lose weight at all is because their body is not healthy enough to lose it. Skinny Fiber gives you that healthy fiber that your body needs in order to get on track to start losing weight again and may take up to a month for your body to get healthy again, but that is why we have the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge... you could even win 1000 dollars if you are one of the biggest losers during the time..we try to make it fun for you. This product flat out works and I do understand that the lap band surgery works too, but why do it when it can be so much more easier, cheaper and more convenient for you to just try Skinny Fiber and give us 90 Days that is all we ask we also offer a empty bottle money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the product you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund, so really you have nothing to lose other than your weight.

Skinny Fiber Side Effects

Skinny Fiber can also have some side effects these include regular bowel movements until your body is done detoxing because Skinny Fiber is made to clean you out and get you healthy again. That's about all I can think of, if you have taken Skinny Fiber and have other side effects to include please leave us a comment below.

Skinny Fiber Is A Great Alternative To Lap Band surgery

I think Skinny Fiber is a safe alternative to lap band surgery after comparing the two together like this don't you? They are both meant to do the same thing and Skinny Fiber is a natural Alternative to Lap Band surgery. You can Purchase Skinny Fiber here today and not have to worry about having lap band surgery, but it is entirely up to you to decide what's best for you and, if you where wondering if you can take Skinny Fiber with a lap band we do have customers that have had the lap band done. You are welcome to ask your doctor first though before you order.

For more detailed information about Skinny Fiber please Visit Here.


  1. every think has a risk but it is what works for you. lap band can be dangerous and even fatal but it could be a last resort after you try every other means to loose weight.