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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Track Your Eating With A Food Journal

how to keep a food log

I know this will be hard for some to do, but I'm here to get your motivated and to teach you how to keep track of what your eating by creating a food log.

How To Keep Track Of Your Eating Habits

Most of us have a problem with over eating or not eating healthy or both. Creating a food log allows you to keep track of what you have been eating. What we do next is we track our eating habits for a week by writing down every thing we have ate throughout the week and pin point what are our problem times of the day (when we are most likely to eat junk food or over eat). Then we take this data and see how we can improve our eating habits.

Why is figuring out the time you eat junk food important?

This is important because it let's you figure out what your relapses are. Just because you always want to eat that junk food at that time of day doesn't mean it's because your hungry. This could be because you are stressed out at work / home or what ever it maybe. You have to think before you eat why am I eating like this or why do I want to eat this junk food? By doing this it helps you figure out what your triggers are for eating this unhealthy food or over eating.

I know What My Triggers Are For Eating Unhealthy How Do I Fix It?

How to fix your triggers once you have figured out what they are by keeping track of how and what your eating. Ok so you have down the things that make you want to over eat and eat junk food, but how do you stop it. What you need to do is take little healthy snacks with you and ones you can't stand to eat. Why because once you start having these cravings and you force your self to eat a healthy snack that you can't stand these junk food triggers will start to go away and over time you will start to like that healthy snack you once couldn't tolerate, this will take commitment.

Keep On Going & You Will Make It

Keep keeping track of what you are eating in your food log for at least 3 months every day and following though with this plan, it will work for you, if you just stick to it.

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