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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weight Loss Meal Planing Tips - Diet Planning

healthy dieting

When you are wanting to lose weight you have to keep this in mind when you are out grocery shopping because this is where it all starts. The first rule and most people know this is that you never go grocery shopping when you are hungry this will entice you to want to buy quick fast and unhealthy snacks. Most grocery stores have a healthy selection isle or have healthy selections inside of each isle. Sure it may cost a little more, but you want to try to buy organic foods that do not have the added chemicals into them I call these fillers, but these fillers can cause all sorts of problems from weight gain to cancer and beyond.

When you are done shopping and are ready to have a meal make sure you do it at your kitchen table because this will mental help curb wanting to eat snacks later on and if you always eat at the table your body will start saying hey, if you wanna eat you have to get up and move to the table. Later on the idea will be that you will stop snacking while out and about too.

Read The Label To Make Sure It's Healthy

Keep in mind what you are eating dose it contain a 5,000 calories or is it a healthy snack at 150 calories? Sure they do not put everything on the label that we eat, which is for another blog post, but it dose have the calories on the package.

Now I know it can be hard at times to stick with eating healthy at first because really healthy food can not taste, so good to you and some times it's really hard to come by depending on your local grocery store, but you have to make an effort to stick with it no matter what.

I know fast food restaurants are every where when you are hungry and are affordable, fast and good, but you are never going to lose the weight eating at them, so have some willpower when you see them.

Keep Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Have realistic goals, just because you didn't lose 50 pounds in you first month doesn't mean that you won't over time. This is probable the main reason why people don't lose weight they get discouraged when they don't lose weight as fast as they would like to and then they fall back into their old eating habits. Stay the course and you will prevail!

Are your friends supportive in your weight loss goals? Are they over weight too? If they are are they willing to join you in your weight loss? If not then you may want to find new friends to hang with. Now if they are that is great and you should get them to join you on your weight loss journey and hold each other accountable. This will help you create a safety net and help give you support in your weight loss.

Practice Portion Control By Measurements

Practice portion control. Your plate of food should not be a overly huge amount. Just one serving of food per plate. A good tip for this is that a portion of meat should not be bigger than your check book and for your sides they should only be about one cup, so one cup of beans ect. You can find some really great information here Food Portion Control about what and how you should eat.

Do some exercise start out walking and I have wrote a great post about the Starters Guide To Jogging here.

That concludes are dieting weight loss tips for you to get started.

Have anything you would like to add that has worked for you? We always welcome comments!

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