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Monday, September 2, 2013

Diet Soda Pop Soft Drink Health Risks

Diet Soda Health Problems

We all at one time or another had a soda and when we decided that we wanted to lose some weight we just simply switched over to diet soda on the fact that it simply says diet on the can, so it must be much better for you and will help you lose weight right? No this isn't true at all the fact is this too me is false and they shouldn't be able to market it as diet if anything at all it should have a warning label that states the health risk associated with the fake sweeteners they put into it which is usually aspartame. Drinking any type of soda is not only bad for you, but it also poses a health risk.

What Is Aspartame?

that you can read up more about here but for the most part it is methyl ester which means it's a compound of chemicals that includes methyl as the main ingredient.

What Is Aspartame Used For?

Aspartame is a chemical made to be an alternative sweetener for drinks and foods. According to the FDA it is perfectly safe to consume this horrible drug at it's current levels what ever that means.

The FDA Says It's Ok To Intake Aspartame So It Must Be Good For Me Right?

Aspartame has been scrutinized for many years and with good reason. This recent study on Diet Soda goes to prove even more about the health risk associated with drinking drinks that have artificial sweeteners and as we know the most common one used is aspartame.

Aspartame Study 2013

In this 11 page study you can see that it clearly states accumulating evidence to show that Aspartame and other sweeteners give the takers risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and are you ready for it? Ding Ding Ding Weight Gain! Wow diet soda makes you gain weight, who would have ever thought. What else will the FDA Approve and the funny thing is that the things that are good for us seem to never get approved by the FDA it really starts to makes you wonder.

Here Is A List Of Natural Alternatives To Aspartame & Other Artificial Sweeteners

1) Honey and not the kind you get from the store, but real honey from a farmers market.

2) Stevia is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners, just try to get the organic kind.

3) Agave is a descent choice to, but my number one is honey yum!

The above listed are great, but most go with Stevia because you can easily pick it up at the grocery store and the same with Agave. If I had to pick from the two I would personally go with Stevia though.

That concludes this post, but I welcome you to share your thoughts on the subject in a comment.

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  1. Does skinny fiber contain even a little bit of aspartame?

  2. Skinny Fiber is an all natural dietary fiber supplement, so therefore it does not contain any aspartame whatsoever. I encourage you to visit the What Is Skinny Fiber Page at the top right hand side of this page to learn more about what is in Skinny Fiber.