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Friday, September 20, 2013

Healthy Diet Tips - How To Make Smoothies

smoothies and green drinks

When we think of a diet as a healthy thing to do, but are we really sure we are eating healthy diet foods? If you think about it diet soda was labeled diet as to help people lose weight only to find out that it causes them to not only gain weight, but cause more problems all together.

Healthy Dieting Tips

I wanted to create this post, so that you could have a better understand of what you should include in your diet. I find that gluten free foods, high dietary fiber products and as much or as close as you can get to organic foods is your best bet for actually healthy diet foods. We make a lot veggie smoothies that include flax seed, Skinny Fiber and what ever vegetables we have laying around.

Healthy Smoothie Tips

We also do, do the fruit smoothies just not as much due to the fact that most fruits are high in sugar, but the vitamins you get from them make it well worth it to include them in your healthy diet smoothie. I would say do one of these fruit smoothies every other day and do your veggie smoothies every day and you can adjust it as the needs of your body changes. You will notice a big difference once you start doing this because you will have more energy than you ever have had before and you will not be so sleepy or sluggish all of the time.

Make sure you get a great blender, if you can afford one the new Ninja blender has as many watts as a Vitamix. With that said I still think the Vitamix blenders are the best, but they are high priced.

More On Healthy Dieting

Not long ago I wrote a post about Dietary Fiber Explained I suggest you visit it and watch the short video explaining how important it is to have dietary fiber in your body. You should also replace the bad soda's and soft drinks with either water or organic tea and use stevia for your sweetness needs. This is going to get you so healthy and you will feel wonderful.

Some of you might not know what stevia is, so I have included a link to explain here What Is Stevia

It maybe hard at first, but the benefits of having a healthy diet such as this will help you in your overall health needs. Start out with the tips I have provided you in this post and check back because I'm always adding new things for you to try.

Are you currently doing smoothies to maintain or to improve your health? If so please leave a comment letting us know how it is working for you and any other smoothie tips are welcomed.

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  1. LOVE smoothies and I am not afraid of green ones! The blender looks amazing.I love that green color – so pretty. It would look absolutely perfect in my kitchen ; )