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Sunday, September 22, 2013

How To Jog - Startup Guide For Jogging - Part Two

how to jog part two

Ok it has officially been a month from my last post about the beginners guide to jogging. We should have done some speed walking every other day for about an hour to get our heart rates up to burn the fat that we have wanted to. Now that you are ready for phase two of jogging, you should be able to actually do some jogging instead of just speed walking, so let's get pumped up and ready to move those feet.

Now if you are not comfortable jogging just yet and still need time on the speed walking course that is fine. We all have to start some where and it will take a little bit more time for others than it will for the rest of us and that is 100% ok as long as you are doing it and applying yourself.

How To Stretch For Jogging

We have to do our stretches, so we do not pull our muscles out of socket or anything else for that matter. Watch this short video for your stretching needs!

As you can see in the video she really explains very well about how to stretch your muscles correctly. Do this until you feel the blood starting to move though out your body and all loosened up. If you do this you will thank me later and you will feel a lot better after the jog.

How To Jog Correctly

Now after we have done our stretches we are ready to move onto learning how to jog the correct way. Below is a video that took me awhile to find because some people chose not to make the correct way to jog videos, so either way this is 100% right on the money as far as jogging the right way goes.

As you can see in the video he explains what to do and what not to do when it comes to jogging. Don't forget to do your stretches as I have explained above or you can re visit The Beginners Guide To Jogging, If you haven't already visited that post and started there now is a good time before going any further as this post is for people who are on phase 2 of the jogging section.

Ok now that, that is out of the way we can move forward with jogging. If you are doing this on your treadmill put the setting at a comfortable pace for you, so that it is not to fast nor to slow, but is just right at the point where you start to jog and you can adjust accordingly to your needs.

If you plan on going out beating the sidewalk or beach, just make sure you go at a steady pace as to not wear yourself out to fast.


The idea is to burn fat jogging. When you start out do not go to fast! I can't stress how important this is because you want to burn fat not burn yourself out.

We are going to start with 30 minutes of jogging and see how that goes and, if you can't do it, that is fine just go into your speed walking zone and work up to 30 minutes of jogging.

How To Cool Yourself Down After Jogging

Do not forget just like in the first post to do your cool down workouts. I have included the same exact video in this post for a reference.

Try this out every other day and gradually build yourself up to more minutes as it becomes easier for you. Once you feel confident I think you might be ready for the Skinny Fiber Boot Camp Workout Challenge, which is hardcore and meant for ultimate fat burning, but we have to work up to it.

Have you tried this workout yet? If so please leave us a comment to let us know how it went. I'm looking forward to replies on this because I know you are going to feel great afterwords!

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  1. Warm up-stretch
    Run for about five minutes at a moderate pace, then check your pulse, it should be at 70-80% of your max. (google: maximum heart rate).
    Continue jogging as long as you can.
    Cool down-stretch
    It's really not that hard, once you get into it.