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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Healthy Food Kids Love to Eat

Kids love eating healthy foods.

Proper nutrition is essential for adults, and growing children. The meal that he or she consumes will have a great effect on how well they grow. Eating the correct food will be their energy, skills, plus behavior.

Teach kids to nibble on healthier foods while they are still young as the impact on their food consumption will last their lifetime. Most picky eaters spend their youth eating the same foods repeatedly. This is always a dilemma later on since they depend only on a specific food group. Stick to the tips given and your child will become a food lover without gaining weight and still stay healthy.

You Control the Food That Comes in to Your Home

Be strict and select the food you will buy the next time you make a trip to the super market. Kids will likely pester you to get their much-loved snacks or the treats they see on television. Don’t give in to temptation though even if you want to get them to settle down. Being a parent, you are in power over what foods you buy.

Buy healthier and more nutritious foods. Don’t buy any processed meals. You need to choose balanced, organic, all-natural kinds for everyone in your family. Kids will eat the food you give them. This will happen especially if they’re really hungry and there aren't other snacks in the pantry or prepared dishes in the fridge. You may still purchase their favorite snack even if it’s not nutritious, but only do this sometimes. Don’t do it regularly.

Don’t Eat Out, Cook at Home

Healthy eating for youngsters does not mean that the adult in the household has full control. They can still be given a choice as to what they eat. Allow them to select what they would like to eat during mealtime and school or after school snack times. Let them tell you how much they want. The quantity won’t be a concern if what they’re going to eat is healthy.

Healthy Snacks For KidsIf they still give you a hard time about what they want, cooking the meals on your own is a good choice. Home-cooked meals are healthier for everyone. Refined food, bistro meals, and take-out foods normally have a lot of fat, sugar, and salt in them as these are for commercial dining purposes. Cooking your own food lets you manage the seasonings and cooking methods for the main ingredients you use. You may still dine out however, save this privilege for special occasions.

Let them help you prepare and cook the food. They’ll love to eat what they made or helped to make. Even stuff they hate like spinach, broccoli and carrots will be finished off because they helped put it on the table.

Another neat trick is to make their meals into fun shapes like when you make a sandwich for them, add lettuce and make a face with tomatoes. Then add eyes, and a mouth with their favorite sauce or ketchup. Cut their chicken into neat little shapes for nuggets.

You Control Their Portions

There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your children eat their favorite meals, but you need to control how much of it they consume. Control their portions. Let the children stop eating once they feel they've had enough. Don't push them to finish off what’s in their plate when they feel full. Avoid bribing your kids with their favorite foods just to get them to do something.
Health Food Kids Will Eat: A Hit at the Dinner Table

These days, most kids eat the same items repeatedly, to the point they can’t stand the sight of it anymore. What can a parent do? You can’t leave the child hungry. Growing kids can live on French-fried potatoes, pizza, and hotdogs but these aren’t the best things for their body even though they taste great. You need to find things that will taste great and make you happy knowing their healthy too.

Here are a many good food choices children can’t resist.

Nuts and Various Types of Seeds

What is the best health food for kids?
For snack time, give young children vary types of nuts. They have several essential vitamins, huge amounts of proteins and amino acids. All of the various types of nuts are great as snacks. There are many different nuts to choose from like almonds, pecans, peanuts, walnuts, macadamia nut products, cashews, and more. Sunflower and also pumpkin seeds are ideal sources of unsaturated fat which are crucial in kids' growth. When you buy them, choose the no salt or lightly salted ones. Too much sodium is not healthy.


As an alternative to giving your kids candy, cookies, or cake, get rid of their sweet tooth with nature's own sweet foods. Kids may eat what you have available, but have a dish of fresh fruit within their reach on the kitchen table or the refrigerator. Apples, oranges, plums, strawberries, and watermelon are ideal, natural foods that will satisfy a child’s craving for something sweet. Moreover, fruits are likely to be an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, and also calcium which in turn is great for their development.

Noodles and Pasta

Kids adore pasta and there's nothing that can satisfy their hunger better than a plate of pasta. Nevertheless, you can give them a nutritious meal without them even realizing it. You can serve wheat pasta and even toss some spinach into it or any other vegetable and serve it with different types of sauces. Finely chop some onions, add mushrooms, olives, and/or peppers. You can also add some lean ground beef or ground chicken into it and you’ll have a healthy meal the kids can’t wait to sit down and eat.

Chicken Fingers

Every restaurant kid's menu will offer chicken fingers as well as fries. What kid wouldn't love this? In your own home, you can serve these with the same full-flavor without worrying about added fat. By preparing breaded chicken, anyone can decrease fat content without frying. You can make chicken fingers by getting some boneless chicken breasts from the store, then coat them with yogurt and then cover them with breadcrumbs, oatmeal or potato flakes. Cook them using a cooking spray instead of oil and bake for a delicious and healthy version. Add more flavor by using a low fat dressing or barbeque sauce for dipping. The kids will enjoy homemade healthy chicken fingers. It’s an easy health food kids will love to eat.

Exciting Vegetables

Health Food For KidsIt may sound like a contradiction, but vegetables can be fun for children. As an alternative to forcing the meals in because it’s something they need to have, make it more interesting instead. Help them learn about the benefits of what they are about to eat. Ask them to help decide what's for dinner, or even match meals by the ingredient’s color. Serve foods and dishes that contain both veggies and fruits in a less "threatening" way that won’t affect their taste buds. Add vegetables into any main dish like a casserole or a baked pasta dish like lasagna or stuffed shells.

The more they eat and understand vegetables, the less hesitant they will be when they see them in their plate. You can introduce greens into their mind and plate by cutting little bites of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, green and red peppers, and organic mushrooms, with a tasty and wholesome dip on the side. And ultimately, reward your kids for trying something new. Remember, their palates are usually not as strong or developed like an adult's so make nutrition exciting and will also do a lot in your children's health. You can also make your own recipes for health foods kids will love to eat.

Furthermore I found that Lets Move put out by the government also has some great tips for kids health.

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