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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweeteners Reviewed Honey Agave Stevia Sugar

honey health benefits

The Health Benefits of Honey

The flavor, color and texture fluctuate based on the nectar from which it was made. The less processed the honey, the more nutrients it includes. You can use it in meals and drinks as an option to replace sugar, but uncooked honey contains the majority of health advantages.

Raw Honey HealthOrganic honey that is on the comb contains traces of propolis which is a substance that bees use to seal the hive and protect it from punctures and from harmful micro-organisms. Another so-called phytonutrients contained in natural honey are believed to aid in preventing colon cancer, and promote the healing of internal ulcers.

A consistent usage of honey is known to be beneficial foe general well-being, and help with the digestion of food.

Honey can improve fitness performance, and it is more than just a supply of carbohydrates. This secret is well known and used by the ancient Olympians. It will help maintain blood-sugar levels, which experts claim keeps your energy levels steady. It also helps with muscles recovery.

Honey should be kept readily available at home to be used for medicinal purposes. It has been used as early as 700 BC to aid healing, and was an ingredient in hundreds of old and traditional natural remedies. Used topically, it can help to fight infections and soothe irritation. Honey's healing properties have been proven to accelerate the healing of bad injuries as well as first-degree burns in addition to surgical operations.

Taken internally, the anti-viral properties help offer the body's immune system, fight common colds and flu. It is also used as medicine for coughs. Honey’s anti-bacterial properties have proven it is much better and more efficient than certain widely-used antibiotics for treating infection.

Its anti-fungal qualities are even consideration to inhibit Candidiasis, in addition to encourage the increase of healthy flora in the belly. Honey, specifically dark honey, is usually full of antioxidants, working to combat free-radicals, to enhance bodily functions.

Eating honey may help reduce seasonal allergies, since it contains local pollen.

Honey is commonly used as a healthful substitute for sugar. For diabetics, it has been proven to lower blood sugar levels than processed sugar. What's more, it minimizes blood cholesterol levels.

Consuming honey is a good way to get Vitamin B2 which is beneficial for hair and nail growth, sight, and the processing of food, Vitamin B6 which is good for the skin, nerves as well as absorption of vitamins and minerals, iron which transports oxygen into the blood as well as manganese which promotes enzyme production and muscle function.

You can learn more about the benefits of honey by visiting here.

Agave Health Benefits

Agave: It’s Nutritional and Health Benefits

Agave is now synonymous with bourbon these days because agave nectar and tequila tend to be produced from the same plant. Nevertheless, what most people do not know is that agave nectar has been used as a flavoring since way back when, and some cultures are aware of the health benefits of agave. They’ve been using it to treat illnesses a long time before the production of tequila began.

Agave Natural SweetenerAgave is still medically shown to be successful against not just intestinal bacteria but additionally it can also fight pus producing bacteria including Staph Aureus. The syrup is from the agave plant which will, appear to be just like an exotic plant similar in appearance to a natural aloe vera plant. The fruit of the agave plant is known as pina and this is what is required to make agave nectar.

There's a multitude of nutritional benefits in using agave and let's take a look at them.

Agave to Replace Sugar in Food and Beverages

Many people tend to substitute their sugar with honey, but some people are sensitive to it and in addition do not like the taste. For these reasons, some people prefer to use agave nectar instead. Those who are vegans also love to use agave because it doesn't require animals in the production process. Agave nectar does not have the extremely high calorie count which sugar has and you should replace 1 cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of nectar which experts say shows how sweet this type of nectar is.

Diabetics Can Use Agave Nectar

We've already revealed that agave nectar may be used as a replacement for sugar, but as the nectar features a low glycemic index which is loaded with fructose it will not have an effect on blood glucose levels so they won’t fall or increase. The specific nectar is often a safer replacement for use for diabetics and those that have to watch their sugar intake.

Agave can heal

The actual Aztecs used a variety of sea salt and agave to mend wounds. This practice worked because agave nectar offers saponins that have antibacterial along with anti-inflammatory properties. For the reason that nectar can readily boost the natural defenses, it could possibly heal skin infections and, in fact, it is very effective against fighting colon bacteria.

Agave Can Help You to Lose Weight and Shed Pounds

The fructans found in agave can alter fat absorption within the intestines and reduce cholesterol. The fructan known as inulan that is commonly found in agave nectar is at actually a carbohydrate that lowers your glucose levels, and additionally reduces hunger while increasing the feeling being. In this way, agave will help you shed weight.

Stevia Health Benefits

What Is Stevia? Recognizing Its Benefits

Stevia is a plant that that is a member of the sunflower family and it is extensively expanded for its sweet-tasting leaves. It is often popularly used as a healthy alternative sweetener, a sugar substitute.

organic stevia health benefitsStevia sweetener has recently gained attention and recognition since its extract is claimed to be 300x sweeter than sugars but low in carbs and glucose so it is beneficial for people that have to watch their carbohydrates and blood sugar levels. Its taste for a longer timeframe compared to sugar.

Stevia is also thought to have promising medicinal benefits for those who are overweight and have high blood pressure levels.

This different sweetener has been utilized since ancient times in the Guarani tribes of Bolivia, Peru in addition to Brazil as a sweetener for medicinal teas and for treating heartburn along with other diseases. Stevia has no effect on blood glucose levels and actually stimulates glucose tolerance so that it is a perfect diabetics to use and for those who are on carbohydrate regulated eating plans.

Stevia may aid regulation of blood sugar, help to lower hypertension, and also support fat loss by decreasing the wish to have sugary meals. A lot of people are convinced that it cuts down on their need to have tobacco and having a drink. Stevia can be utilized in facemasks to lessen lines and heal epidermis blemishes and pimples. Exactly why don't we use more of it? Evidently, the import of stevia was heavily depending on Nutrasweet politics.

raw sugar vs regular sugar

A Comparison of Raw Sugar and Regular Sugar

what is the difference between raw sugar and regular white sugarAdvertisers claim that organic sugar retains a lot of nutrients found in the plant. But sugar cane doesn’t have many nutrients to start out with.

Companies try to make it sound as if these less-refined sugars are also more wholesome than regular whitened sugar. They claim that they can retain numerous vitamins and minerals through the original state. And, technically, that could be true. But sugar cane doesn’t have numerous nutrients to start with. Any traces of raw sugar being better are really trivial. They can hardly be measured.

There really isn't any meaningful difference between all of these forms of sugar. Some are not processed as much as others. Each will provide the same amount of calories, and when you consider digestion and metabolism, one's body cannot know the difference.

In other words, if you prefer a less-processed product and you don’t mind the premium price, organic sugar or evaporated cane juice is extremely good. But you’ll want to limit your consumption of these sugars and also limit your consumption of refined white sugar.

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  1. I always pour some honey on my tea and it makes it really good. I know that there are so many benefits that honey can give to the body but the problem is, it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is the best option for me. :)