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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Avoiding Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

It's that of year again every food around you is delicious. For folks dieting or looking to avoid weight gain, it’s a very challenging season. With everyone getting desserts, weekend holiday parties and Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts right around the corner, weight management is hard. How many times have we said we won’t overeat, and come Thanksgiving, your pigging out again. You’re back in the hold again, right? Holiday weight gain can be controlled yet you can still enjoy your favorite things on the holiday.

Your Thanksgiving Portions

Don’t go crazy if you see things you’ve never tried before, especially if you have other things already that are fattening or heavily sweetened. Instead, visualize the number on the scale and think of how badly you want those extra pounds off? Don't trick yourself into believing that since you already broken your diet, eating more won’t make a difference. The number you need to weigh on that scale may help you're stop yourself from overeating.

Watch the Number of Calories

One pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. When you're eating, 3,500 seems like a massive amount of calories. You can eat this many calories in five minutes. When you might be slimming down, this is undoubtedly a great deal larger number to get rid of. Fitness for losing weight reports when you weigh 150 pounds and you wish to get rid of just 1 pound, you ought to walk at 3.5 mph for a whopping 13 hours. Yes, it's unfair that extra weight gain is indeed easier than weight-loss. People should know that those few moments of going crazy with food are capable of serious harm. Keep this number in your mind as a great motivator to control the quantity and calories.

Do you really want Everything You See on Thanksgiving?

If you’re going to eat foods on Thanksgiving that are on the table, let it to be something you really enjoy. Should you eat chips, a roll or the pie? One trick for preventing extra weight is cutting every one of the extra calories you might be eating by eating the foods you know you like and have tried before. The result will be that you’ll have a wonderful holiday and avoid Holiday weight gain by enjoying foods that are special to you personally. Choose the food you eat wisely.

Convince Yourself You don’t Need so much Food

Talking to yourself sounds crazy, but programming your mind really helps control how much you eat and how much you gain. Think to yourself, if I don't have any appetizers, I can eat stuffing. If I don’t have a second serving while dining I can have dessert. Only you know what foods you can sacrifice and just what foods you can have. Avoiding dishes that are not very important can prevent excessive calorie consumption and lots of time in a health club.

How Not to Gain Weight at Thanksgiving: Don’t Let Anyone Force You

If someone is talking you into eating more, you can politely not eat anything, whether it’s your Mom’s best dish or not. You know they mean well, but they don’t know you’re trying to fit back into your smaller size clothes. This is your time weight-loss so the foods you eat are your decision. Set your own personal rules, and don’t let any person convince you to slip off of your diet and weight loss plans.

Thanksgiving Meals and Controlling Portions for Holiday Weight Loss

Don’t skip breakfast and each something for lunch plus a small snack in between. Don't sit down at the Thanksgiving table feeling super hungry. Don’t eat appetizer as lunch. Skipping these meals will be like binging and you’ll wind up eating food you don’t really want. Weight management is about good planning. Eating foods heavy in fiber throughout the day can help curb your desire to eat before Thanksgiving or any other holiday feast.

Get your own personal small plate so you can control the portions. A smaller plate only has a little bit of space so you can’t put too much in it. You’ll be able to serve yourself a little bit of what you like. You won't be depriving yourself if the plate when you’re small plate is full.

Being Activate For Holiday Weight Control

You need to be active before your holiday meal. Go for a walk, take a jog around the block or even climb up and down the stairs. Cleaning the house also qualifies as physical activity. Exercise will increase your metabolic rate so you will burn the calories off faster.

What are the Nutrients and Number of Calories?

Do you know how many calories you’re gobbling up at Thanksgiving? Most people have stuffing with their turkey, then add gravy, some potatoes, sauce, heavily sweetened pies, cakes and cookies and other favorites. They’re packed with calories that will make our waistlines bigger. They’re not healthy because of the butter, salt and sugar in a lot of the things we eat.

An adult should consume approximately 2200 calories on a daily basis. On just this holiday celebration alone, the calorie intake can be as high as 5000 calories and sometimes even more. But it is not just the calories, however but the number of calories from fat which could be up to 230 calories. If you read through a good diet book, you'll know the food you just devoured had a large amount of fat that exceeds the daily recommended allowance.

Let's start with the turkey which is a high protein meat with gravy. This is approximately 335 calories, and it has a fat content on 11 grams. The next ingredient, that’s not so bad, is the stuffing you had with it. It tastes delicious, and fills you up but it has a large amount of sodium, high levels of carbohydrates and of course fat because of the other ingredients. You wouldn't know just by looking at it that it has 4 fat grams, 510 mg sodium and over 150 calories in just a small portion. That’s enough to do serious damage to someone whose heart is set on losing weight.

The next step is to add in the potatoes, the sweet potatoes or yams with a marshmallow twist. Yes, there are healthy nutrients but load it with sugar and then roast with marshmallows, you’re filling up with unnecessary calories. It’s over 300 calories and four grams of fat. If you add some butter and salt, just imagine how much the count would increase.

Did you know that some vegetables, no matter how healthy they are, can become unhealthy depending on the other ingredients? Creamed spinach, for example, this has butter and cream in it and both are high in fats. Then there’s add salt so its natural beneficial nutrients are replaced by unhealthy saturated fats that probably made you overweight to begin with. You’re floating in the same boat still, right?

Go natural and stop abusing things that are high in fat. Go for food that has been cooked with healthier ingredients like olive oil or canola oil.

Another option is to use some of the popular diet supplements to prevent weight gain. Take it early in the day. This will also help you avoid weight gain. There are things like Skinny Fiber that work well that some people love so much. You can get specials like buy three and get three free by Clicking Here. These are ideal for the holidays or any time of year.

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