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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Help Me Donate For Christmas This Year!

Give to a Needy Family

Ok here is the thing with Christmas right around the corner my wife and I decided we would like to help raise money for a needy family this year via our blogs and social media accounts.

We at the time of this blog post only have 20 days to raise money for a needy family. You can donate just a dollar or what ever you can afford, every little bit helps.

I'm also going to help donate with money I earn from sales of Skinny Fiber in the amount as follows.

Skinny Fiber Sold In The Amount Of.

1 bottle I will donate 5 dollars!

The Buy 2 get 1 one free I will donate 10 dollars!

The Buy 3 get 3 free I will give 15 dollars!

Until we reach our goal of $500.00.

Help me give to a needy family for Christmas this year!

You can make a donation yourself, if you did not come here to place an order by visiting the following:

Help A Needy Family Out This Year!

We picked the website above to host this because they are trusted and have been around for a long time. When you make your donation it also gives the option to donate to the website, but is optional, so you can just click on edit and remove the amount listed, if you would like.

Every little bit helps, so if you can even just donate 1 dollar that would help a needy family this year!

Now if you are unable to give that is ok because you can help by clicking on the Share Icon below and sharing it via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts you see fit.

Do you know of a family that is in need this year for Christmas? If so I encourage you to Contact Me so that I can add them to the list that will be picked out at random.

UPDATE! We where able to raise enough money to donate to a family in need. Their bank account was over drafted and had no money what so ever for Christmas. They took the money got out of the red and still had a lot left to have a great Christmas!

I would personally like to thank all of the customers who order, which helped us donate towards the cause and for those who just donated out of the kindness of their heart! You guys rock!

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