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Friday, January 17, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Season

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Open Season YUM!

While I was sitting here to think of what to write next it came to my mind that Girl Scouts are out selling there cookies. Now don't get me wrong or nothing I love girl scout cookies thus why I bought a few boxes. It is hard to say no to the cute little kids and that is why I am writing this today. I had a thought that maybe if they sold healthier cookies, and I know they have sugar free, but I'm referring to even healthier than that do you think people would buy even more?

One a further note I think it is safe to say that the Girl Scouts of America have some what of a monopoly going on here with cookies just because they are so dang good and they have these cute little kids promoting them, so you can not ever ever say no to them :).

Once again the question is:

Would You Buy Healthy Girl Scout Cookies If They Made Them Healthier Or Would You Still Buy What They Offer Today?

If they already have a super healthy kind and I just missed it, please inform me in a comment below!


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