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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Top Three Ways to Lose Weight

The Best Ways To Lose Weight

What Are The Top Three Ways For Losing Weight

Everybody wants to lose weight. Believe me, the introduction of fast foods, snacks and junk foods to our life has saved hours of our time but gifted a couple pounds due to this novel eating habit. Patients who consult their physicians to get a piece of advice to lose weight constitute to 17 percent of total patients visiting non-emergency room departments. I have sought and found out for you the top three ways to lose weight and they are really easy follow. I have arranged a few tips without over complicating the stuff and these tips really make sense. I do not feel satisfied after talking about ideal, theoretical and dreamy ideas instead here is a guide that is practically possible for anyone to follow in order to lose weight successfully.

No.3 Eating can make you lose weight

If you adapt a wiser eating habit, I can assure you successful weight loss in a couple weeks. If you are doing a planned diet and strongly adhering to the idea of WISER EATING then you can shape your body for two reasons. Firstly, no more fat builds up and there is no weight gain. Secondly, you will start losing weight very soon if you adhere to the plan. First thing is to lessen your sodium intake. Consuming any amount of sodium exceeding 2-3g a day, that is a recommended daily allowance, will make you gain weight. Sodium holds water 40-60 times of its weight and consuming sodium makes you consume more water. As a result, there is fat building up in the body. Desire to drink more is a reliable indicator of the fact that your sodium intake is high. Second tip is to eat slowly. Researchers have proved that slow eaters consume at an average 70 percent less calories when weighed against fast eaters. I try to put the fork and knife down in my plate after taking every bit of food and pick the knife and fork up again for second bite. This gives our hormones a lot of time to act and our brain feels satisfied quicker.

No.2 Drinking can make you lose weight

Adapting to a planned drinking habit is another way to control your caloric intake and lose weight. Actually our stomach and intestine has a calculated capacity. Our body works according to a pre decided set of instructions. When there is more room in our GIT, Gastro Intestinal System, our brain gets signals to eat and forwards them making us feel hungry. But if our GIT is full there is no hormone signaling and the brain remains satisfied. So if you drink more water and more fluids; you will eat fewer foods which are high caloric. This is the key to weight loss. Proof for this tip is hidden in the fact that there much more diet and zero caloric drinkables available as compared to zero caloric eatables. Second part, unlike the first, is not about ‘Does’ but it is about ‘Do-NOTS’. You need to cut short on your carbonated beverages. Carbonated beverages are a notorious food item available for adding pounds to your weight. If you do not check the intake of carbonated beverages, these tips will hardly have any effect. Limiting alcohol is important too. Try to add more water and use smaller scales if you cannot cut it off completely.

No.1 Using SKINNY FIBER will make you lose weight

The tip most advised by me is to use skinny fiber. This is a secret which slimming centers / gyms would hate me telling you. This is the way that you may employ to lose weight without much change in your daily life style and routinely habits of eating and drinking. This is a novel way of shaping your body. You can attain a flat belly and skinny legs by using skinny fiber. But there is more to tell using skinny fiber activates the hormones of your gastro-intestinal system and you will not feel hungry even when you have depleted many calories by burning fat deposits. All our extra weight comes from stored fat which may be under the skin, over the liver, around the kidneys, inside abdomen, in the buttocks and along thighs and legs. Your body can be reshaped using skinny fiber.

First of all, you will start to see a little change, but as you keep doing your 90 day challenge you will start seeing results.

Secondly, it will activate your hormones and your brain will feel satisfied and then there is no appetite. When there is no appetite, there is no food intake and calories burn as a result; making you burn some fat and lose weight.

Thirdly, skinny fiber is popular for triggering increased body consumption of calories and making you lose weight at much faster pace then you otherwise would normally.

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