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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Juicing Recipes Combined with Skinny Fiber

How To Juice

Guide on How to Juice for Weight Loss and Some Juicing Recipes Combined with Skinny Fiber

Tired of seeing unsightly flabs on your belly, thighs and arms? Looking to slim down and achieving a well-sculpted body? If you want to shed a few pounds and reach the normal weight range, then you should start doing something about your diet and lifestyle. While you might desire to have a flawless and toned body, this is not something you can achieve overnight. You need to adopt an effective strategy without depriving your body of essential nutrients. After all, what good is it to be gaunt when you end up suffering from malnutrition due to a poor eating habit?

Can You Lose Weight by Juicing?

For years, health experts and dieters have been speaking highly of the astounding benefits of what juicing does for their health and weight. In fact, drinking nutritious juices help nourish people and maintain their weight at the same time. These healthy juices supply your body with key nutrients that will help you perform your tasks throughout the day. You can also drink these tasty juices to replenish your body with excreted body fluids while securing the right amount of caloric intake.

According to dieticians, fresh juice from fruits, vegetables and herbs can power you up without adding extra calories. Juicing is also beneficial for people who are not quite fond of eating vegetable and fruits since all they need is to gulp down the nutrients in these food items. However, juicing should not be your only means of consuming vegetables and fruits. You should consider eating at least two different types of fruits and about four vegetables daily. Different colors of fruits and vegetables will also supply your body with vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

How to Juice for Weight Loss

Juicing separates the whole vegetable or fruit from its extract, which can lead to less amount of nutrients left in the juice. For instance, much of the nutrient is found on the skin, so you end up limiting the amount of vitamins and mineral with every cup of fruit juice you drink. However, you may enhance the nutritive value of the juice by including the pulp that is high in fiber and antioxidants.

Aside from making fresh juices, you may want to include extracts of fruits and vegetables in making a flavorful and nutritious broth for your soup. This way, you can turn a bland soup into something rich and tasty by incorporating these delicious juices.

If you want to try juicing to trim a few inches off your hips, belly, and other problem areas, then you may apply these juicing tips to help you get started.

1. Juice organic and raw vegetables that are naturally rich in nutrients and low in calories. Excellent choices include kale, acai berries, spinach, which all have a distinct taste and enormous health benefits.

2. Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle to support your weight loss goals. Moderate-intensity exercises such as brisk walking, cardio workouts, and sports prevent you from losing muscles. You may also do some yoga stretches and aerobics to boost your energy levels as you lose weight.

3. Look for fruits and vegetables that are in season to save some money without limiting your daily nutrient intake. You may check your local markets for a wide range of in-season fresh produce that are cheaper and delicious, as well.

4. Keep your body systems in perfect working condition. Even if you rely completely on fresh juices, you need to make sure that all aspects of your body functions are in excellent condition such as your bowel movement and urination. You should also replace lost body fluids by drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Sweating, urinating and moving bowels help get rid of toxins in your body that can cause infections and diseases. So, ensure the regularity of these body processes to achieve success in juicing not only for weight loss, but also for a remarkable health condition.

5. Drink a wide variety of juices. Nothing can get more boring than drinking the same type of fruit or vegetable juice each day. With this in mind, you should make a conscious effort to research for tasty and wholesome juicing recipes. Prepare a schedule of juices to drink on a weekly or monthly basis, and write down your "juice menu" on a calendar to serve as your guide. Keeping track of the types of juice your drink each day can also help you monitor if you are getting balanced nutrients that have a significant impact on your health.

6. Lose the sugar and sources of "bad fats" in your diet.

Include a variety of fresh produce in your juices such as fiber-rich, green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, and citrus fruits. Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners in your drink. Instead, add a few drops of honey for a rich taste without the extra calories.

Juicing Recipes

Wholesome and Great-Tasting Juicing Recipes

To help you start with your juicing habit, here are a few recipes that taste great and contain essential nutrients to keep you pumped up all day. You may also add Skinny Fiber into these juices to enhance the fiber content of each drink. Just open up a capsule and sprinkle the contents in these juices for a highly nutritious and fat-free drink. Check out these fantastic juicing recipes to support your weight loss goals.

1. Celery, Kale and Cucumber Juice with Honey

Here is a tasty and highly nutritious concoction that is a must-try for dieters and health-conscious people out there. For this recipe, you will need a handful of fresh kale, about 4 sticks of celery and 1/2 of a medium-sized cucumber. Just blend these ingredients on high speed in your blender (add a few ice cubes) or a juicing machine. To give this delectable juice a great taste, simply add a teaspoon of honey. This recipe is great for a power-packed breakfast or snack to keep you feeling energetic for hours.

2. Fruits and Veggies Juice

Try this excellent weight loss juicing recipe for active individuals just like you. It includes an amazing combination of juicy fruits and green veggies that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals to support your health and keep you slim. The ingredients include 1/2 beet, 1/2 cucumber, 4 carrots and a Granny Smith apple. Just pop in the ingredients in your juicing machine and add a piece of ginger to give this juice that zesty taste.

3. Banana and Spinach Juice

Get your dose of potassium and other essential nutrients with this flavorful drink. You will need frozen bananas sliced into an inch thick, a handful of fresh spinach and coconut water. Just put everything in a juicer and allow these ingredients to blend well. Then, serve with a few drops of honey and lemon zest for that interesting taste.

Savor the goodness and healthy benefits of juicing. Just follow these practical tips and try these highly recommended juicing recipes that will keep you energized and slim without being deprived of essential nutrients.

This Video Teaches You The Difference Between Different Juicers & Why You Should Blend Too

I usually do not get excited, but when I watched this video I got excited about the benefits! Well worth a watch folks!

With juicing you do miss out on the dietary fibers, so that is why you should blend and juice, but if you are only going to juice then it is very wise to Order Skinny Fiber, so that you are getting your dietary fiber.

Now juicing can be up for debate, but I personally think it is beneficial you can read some about the Juicing Debate on PBS.

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