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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Benefits Of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass and its health benefits

Food made from plants is always good for your health. One of the common foods prepared from plants is wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is made from the common wheat plant. Cotyledons of the plant are usually the main ingredients in the food preparation. Wheatgrass is usually sold as juice. Similar to other plants there is presence of minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and amino acids. This enables the juice to have various health benefits.

Tips on making wheatgrass juice

The process of making the juice is simple and thus cost effective. However, when preparing the juice you require being careful. This is to ensure you that you do not waste away the ingredients. Here are some few tips on how to easily make your own wheatgrass juice.

Trim off the grass

Many sticking materials including wheatgrass may be difficult to deal with during the process of making grass juice. However, upon beginning to make the juice you need to trim off some parts of the grass to be used. You should cut a few bits at a time.

Rinse the bits

Upon cutting the grass, you should wash it in the sink thoroughly. You can get help by the use of a drainage device in order to remove the excess water. You should ensure that the wheat grass is moist and cool.

Mash the grass together

After getting rid of the water, you should pulp the pieces together into one uneven ball. In order to come up with the uneven ball, you should roll it onto a large mass hold up together. However, the mass should be balanced.

Shove the bundle into a juicer to get juice

After the full preparation of the grass, you should thrust the bundle into a juicer. Nevertheless, various juicers have different settings thus require cranking up. This is because you need to get a thin steady juice which requires a lot of effort from juicer machines. You should not apply a lot of pressure for the wheat grass to go through the device. You should gently apply some pressure the moment there appears to be some difficulty in processing the whole mass. Pressure should be applied through pressing down the mass through the use of a plastic mixing utensil. Upon doing this, you get to know how to make Wheatgrass juice ready to drink.

Benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice

There are quite a number of benefits of taking Wheatgrass juice. Due to the presence of chlorophyll the juice has health benefits. The main gains in taking the Wheatgrass juice are;

Blood building

The juice has a higher percentage of chlorophyll which is known to build blood. Hemin molecule, the pigment that forms hemoglobin through its mixture with protein, is closely similar to chlorophyll. Therefore, the juice also helps in blood building thus ensuring you have enough blood.

Ant aging process

The juice has also the benefit of slowing down the aging process. This is enabled by the presence of chlorophyll which contains super-oxide dismutase that is copper consisting of protein that is usually in mature red blood cells. The superoxide radical presence in the body is decomposed by the enzyme into a controllable form thus helping in slowing down the process of aging.

Helps in curing some illnesses

Wheatgrass juice helps in curing various diseases such as acne. The juice also aids in getting rid of scars. This is after the juice is drunk for a certain period of time. However, this comes along with the task of improving your diet for better results.

For toothaches

It has been proven that when you have a toothache, you can get rid of it by holding a gulp of wheatgrass juice in the mouth for a few minutes. This is because the juice pulls the poison causing the ache from the gums. This ensures you do not endure much pain from the tooth.

Skin cleansing

The juice also helps in cleaning your skin effectively. You can do this by pouring the green liquid on your body and soaking for a few minutes in a bath tub. You then rinse off your body with cold water to attain better results.

Wheatgrass juice is recommended to be taken regularly as it also makes you body have strength. As the juice is cost effective, this makes it more important to have it or make it at home. The juice can also be used for refreshment.

It might not taste the best, but wheatgrass is for sure something to include in your diet, if you are able too.

You can also drink wheatgrass juice daily along with Skinny Fiber to maximize your results.

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