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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pawn Stars Chumlee & Corey's Weight Loss Story

Pawn Stars Weight Loss

What Did Corey & Cumlee Do To Lose The Weight? Find out Here!

Ok so there I was watching Pawn Stars on the TV and I noticed that Austin Russell "Chumlee" and Corey Harrison "Big Hoss" lost a lot of weight.

It turns out that the Pawn Stars Reality TV super stars Chumlee and Corey both indeed lost a lot of weight, but they both did it in different ways. Chumlee changed his diet towards eating a more healthier lifestyle while Corey had lap band surgery in order to lose his weight. Now Chumlee lost 95 pounds and Corey lost 190lbs.

Chumlees's starting weight was 320lbs to now 225lbs.

Corey's starting weight was a little over 400lbs to now 210lbs.

For a total of dropping together the 3rd guy of pure fat weighing in at 285lb, that's at least half of Rick and Rick, if you are reading this no hard feelings.

Let's compare what they did to lose the weight starting with Corey

Cory had lap band surgery after his doctor put him on diabetic preventive medication for four years. He also jump ropes and boxes to help lose his weight he also doesn't eat like he use to, but hasn't changed his diet as distract as Chumlee has.

Chumlee decided it was time to shed some pounds after losing his dad to pancreatic cancer at the young age of 54. Chumlee eliminated processed foods, went on a strict diet and is drinking smoothies every morning. He also works out at the gym six days every week.

So there you have it you can either diet and exercise or have lap band surgery in order to shed your weight. Now with Skinny Fiber it helps you with dieting by providing you with the fiber your body isn't getting and also helps you feel full.

Furthermore it's to bad that Rick and the old man are not trying to lose weight like these two are.

On another note I would like to see Hardcore Pawn VS Pawn Stars in a game style show down and for a game changer whoever wins goes up against the American Pickers. Who do you think would win?

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