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Monday, September 1, 2014

Can I Drink Alcohol While On A Diet

Drinking liquor while dieting

Most diets ask that you stay away from alcohol, Yes beer is not good at all for a diet, but hard liquor is ok as long as you don't go mixing it with sugary drinks such as soda pop.

Now the list of liquors that are ok to drink while on a diet are the following.

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Scotch
  • Dry Wines

This list should provide you with plenty of ideas on what kind of liquor to drink while dieting.

You can drink alcohol while dieting

I can drink hard liquor on a diet? Yes you can because the sugar gets created into alcohol during the fermentation process. "Fist Bump!"

Watch out while drinking liquor on a diet

Things To Watch For While Drinking On Your Diet

Now another point to watch for is that these drinks shouldn't be flavored, because such as the vanilla flavoring in some rums could have sugar. Another point to watch for is that you have had a drink and now what will happen is that your body will burn the alcohol first before it starts burning the fat again in your body, so what this means is that you will not burn any fat for about 24 hours because your body is busy burning the alcohol and afterwords you will then start to burn the fat again.

The above liquors are ok for most diets such as Atkins and ones that call for low carbs. Now for the Atkins diet they suggest you wait until after 2 weeks from the date you have started the diet and to watch and make sure you don't go over board having a ton of drinks because it can and will stall the ketosis factor until your body has burned up all the alcohol, but once you are well into your 2 weeks and have started the ketosis period you can go ahead and have a drink or two just make sure to avoid mixing it with sugary beverages instead try mixing it with water, carbonated water or something else that is low carb and none sugar.

Hard liquor also does contain calories, so this is something else to take note of before going out with friends or hanging with family and getting your drink on.
Suggestions on drinking beer on a diet

Some Suggestions On Helping You Stay On Track!

I suggest that after you are done drinking to start drinking water! This could help your body stay on track as well as help you with any hangover you might end up with the next day after drinking, because most people might not know this, but drinking dehydrates your body and that is why some of us wake up not feeling so well the next day.

Now that you know you can have a drink every once in awhile while dieting it is best that you don't drink at all, but if you do drink then just follow the steps outlined in this post.

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