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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fake Supplements Sold - Walmart GNC Walgreens Target

Fake Vitamins

As it turns out you might have heard by now that Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC have all been caught selling fillers not on the label and fake supplements / vitamins in their brand supplements and vitamins this was breaking news brought by the New York Attorney Generals office to do an investigation by using DNA testing on their supplements.

New York Times Prompts Investigation For Fakes Supplements

The New York Times had publish an article that lead to the New York Attorney Generals office to further the investigation.

As of now all big brand stores have received cease and desist letters stating that they have to stop with the selling of their supplements and vitamins.

Some of these fillers that where found via the DNA testing of the supplements include mustered seed, house plants beans and other fillers that could poise an allergic reaction to those who are susceptible to them.

Walmarts ginkgo biloba was found to have rice, mustard, wheat and radish not containing any ginkgo biloba in it and the buck doesn't stop there other products include St. John's Wort, GNC's Herbal Plus, Walgreen's Finest Nutrition, Targets Up & Up and Walmart's Spring Valley products you can Read the Test Results and Cease and Desist Letters Here on all of these supplements. To my surprise you think why or how they would get away with this and the truth is that most of these big brands get have their supplements made in China or other countries and to elaborate more the FDA only gets involved with vitamins and supplements when they have already poised a threat to consumers.

PBS News Video With Eric Schneiderman Talking About Fake Supplements & Vitamins

To sum it up people were getting this! "Mustard"
Mustard Plant

And not this! "Ginkgo Biloba"
Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Now if you were to go to your favorite restaurant and order salmon, but instead you get a cheese burger and then you eat it without even knowing it was not salmon, but yet later find out you have been had wouldn't you be a little pissed off about it. Now put this to an even bigger scale and now you got this scandal that just broke out with the selling of fake supplements!

For my personal use of supplements and vitamins I find it best to learn where they come from and yes they may cost more if they are made in a FDA Approved Lab here in the USA, but at least I know that I am getting what I am paying for.

It is sad to see such big brands doing this and getting away with it for so long and then people wonder why their supplements and vitamins are not working, which they probable would if they were of true quality and not average house plants.

Now out of these brands Target, Walmart, Walgreens and GNC I think GNC is the worst for doing this in my personal opinion because supplements and vitamins are what they are known for!

"A big thank you to the New York Times for getting this out there and a huge thank you to the New York's Attorney General's Office for taking action on these claims."

On a side note you can rest assured knowing that our Skinny Fiber is made in America and in a FDA Approved Lab!

If you happen to have any of these supplements or vitamins make sure you don't take them but maybe hang onto them for a soon to be class action lawsuit!

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. Making sure what is on the label is also in the bottle is much harder than you think. You have to be on manufacturing side of this business to see the frustration that the manufactures have to deal with. It is partially an honor system when raw materials are imported from other countries. There are only a small handful of companies that grow or source their own raw materials.