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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Improve Your Credit & FICO Score With Skinny Fiber Autoship

improving fico score with skinny fiber

How can you improve your credit score by buying Skinny Fiber?

Good question and the simple answer is that you can do so by using your Visa or MasterCard to make the purchase and paying your minimum balance or by paying it off at before you next statement. This part really depends on your line of credit, so if you have a line of credit of $1,500.00 you wanna try to spend only 10% to 30% of that so that would be anywhere from $150.00 to $450.00 now if you have a lower credit line of let's say $300.00, which is what most people start out with on a secured card and are trying to build credit 10% of $300.00 is $30.00 while 30% is $90.00 dollars. Now you never really wanna get to close to the 30%, so this makes it ideal to sign up on Skinny Fiber as a preferred customer by opting into the one bottle autoship at $60.00 dollars a bottle. Note: You have to opt in for autoship by clicking on the ticker box where it says become a preferred customer. This way you will get the product that you want to lose weight with and at the same time are building your credit without having to think about it. Every month you will get your Skinny Fiber and your credit card statement and just keep paying it off and keep losing your weight!

This makes it a win win for you! Not only are you losing weight with Skinny Fiber, but you are also building a stable credit history for yourself on autopilot!

You should notice in a few months that not only has your credit score gone up you have also lost weight and you should be able to ask for an increase in a new line of credit or all together apply and get a better credit card with lower interest rates.

This is such an awesome way to get two major life goals done at the same time!

Go to the Order Skinny Fiber Page to process your order and get started!

You can also cancel your autoship at anytime by calling (817) 479-9198.

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