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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who Weighs More After Marriage & Divorce Men Or Women

Who gains more fat men or women

The debate is on! Who gains more weight men or women after being Married or Divorced?

If you have been married you know life is great and everything is going good and then you have a good ole cake smash in the face. Yep the married life is great, but for some it can be overwhelming.

You know it's about only 50% of marriages work in the United States and the other half well they get divorced and it can be stressful and so can being married. Let's find out how this can be a factor when it comes to your weight.

Now there has been studies showing that weight gain and weight loss is different for men and women, but that both gain weight while being married or or being divorced and yet again it affects each gender differently.

Let's compare to see what these subtle changes are and find out exactly how weight gain is affected by both.

Researchers from Ohio State University were able to find that it was women who gained more weight than men after you eat the wedding cake yes after marriage. Now the funny part is that men gained more weight than women after a divorce.

There has been other studies that showed men and women as a couple and studied their average weight gains and losses.

A sociology professor Zhenchao Qian and one of his students Dmitry Tumin wanted to break down the effects of weight gain by gender to see and understand if marital changes affect men or women differently than each other.

They study data that was given from a nationally representative, which included more than 10,000 men and women that were at the age of 140 to 22 when the study started in 1979. This was a very long survey in which time they where questioned every year until 1994 and then every 2 years after that.

So after looking at the documentation they found that after two years of being married women had actually gained more weight than men and saw that both had gained more weight than those who had stayed single.

With two years of being separated both genders ended up weighing more than those who had stayed married, however men had actually gained more weight than women.

They think the reason behind this is because husbands are pushed by their wives to live healthy lifestyles while being married and after a break up they pack it back on.

Women though tend to actually eat more after being married because of the stress that comes along with child bearing and keeping up with the household activities.

If you would like to validate this study you can read the actual literature here.

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