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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sign Up For Uber and Get a Bonus New Drivers Only

Uber signup bonus

Make sure to use my referral link to get a bonus when you sign up with Uber.

Ok I know that most everyone has heard of Uber in the news and from friends and family.

So what's with all the Uber craz going on?

Well apparently people if you sign up using a special link you get a bonus for driving with Uber. I know I signed up to drive with Uber and I too got a bonus after signing up using someone's Uber referral link you can even call Uber 1-800-593-7069 to see that I'm telling you the truth :) use the link people or the code kftbsue at signup.

My Honest Uber Review

After I signed up and finished uploading all of the required documents I found the process rather simple and in a few hours they said I had passed the Uber background check and that I was ready to drive, so I set out on the road to do just that.

I can remember my first trip I did. I remember being nervous about providing outstanding service, so much so that I think I may have creeped a few riders out.

On the first ride when I picked up my Uber rider I rushed out of the driver seat and went to open the door for the rider and I got a very funny look for this behavior. As we started to dive the rider keep asking about some sort of aux cords and at that time I didn't know what these were, but knew it must have been important to them and bam I lost my 2nd star for this ride over not having aux cords, which I assume my first star was lost due to the fact that I had opened door for the rider. My third star was lost on this ride in part of talking to the rider and trying to make good conversation, which I recommend you just don't talk unless spoken to, so there I was thinking I had this awesome trip and things went ohh so well and I was to have 5 stars and if I was all so lucky I may even get a tip. Well turns out when I got the rider close to their destination it really wasn't their destination and what I mean by this is that good ole reliable Google Maps had sent me on a course for destruction.

I pull up to spot the GPS says is where they are going and turns out I took them to the wrong spot and they said oh this is 34th St South you were suppose to go to 34th N yep, so not knowing I blamed Google Maps, which I would find out later this wasn't their fault. The rider at this time was obousliy pist off and I was going off and remember this was my first ride, so yeah I was like omg what to do? I then got the rider calmed down and told them I would just end the trip and take them to 34th N free, so we finally get their and I rush to out to open the door for the Uber rider and instead they had already done this and got out, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

The first trip left me with 1 star because you can't get rated any lower, no tip and me cussing Google Maps for the damage that had been done.

Now after a few more trips and picking up riders I had redeemed myself and gained my stars back by not opening doors and keeping my mouth shut and I later went onto learn that Google Maps was not to blame, but rather the rider who had put in the wrong address! After my first week I noticed I had a complaints about professionalism and I guessed it was due to that first rider, but the truth is that you really don't know, which ride because Uber doesn't tell you who complained, so you are really left with wondering if you should open the door for them talk to them and ect. It can be rather quit stressful and after banging my head many times over my best advice for you is to not worry about it and do what you do best and that is just be yourself, some people are going to like you and some just aren't and there is no need in stressing yourself over trying to be perfect cause in truth we as people just aren't perfect. After I took my own advice the good stars in the end out weight the bad star trips and I have a high rating and a lot less stressed out about it.

The most craziest Uber trip I did

Well there are plenty of these, but one stands out and for good reason, so make sure you read this and don't make the same mistake I did.

I still fairly new at being a Uber driver and this Uber pick up request came in. It was at a popular hotel downtown, so I headed over there to pick up my Uber riders and I saw some people waiting their so I said "Uber" and they just climbed right in and so I started the trip and about half way though the trip they say "Vance where are you going"? and I said "who's Vance"?. Well it turns out that yep I picked up the wrong riders and they should have been with a Vance and my rider that was still waiting at the hotel was on a trip with me, which really they were not, but they were being billed for it.

The first thing I did was pull over and just so happens to be that my riders all women terrified at this point and it sure didn't help that I pulled into a very dark spot with nothing but trees around. I contacted Uber and they got it fixed and gave the rider I was suppose to pick up their money back and these ladies I stopped the trip and gave them a free ride to where they wanted to go, but however I'll never forget the terrified look on their faces. I mean here I am a married dad with a family and I literally scarred these poor women to all hell and back, so the lesson learned was to not just say "Uber" and to actually ask them their names before letting them get in. I have never seen people so scared in their lives, so to me this was the craziest Uber trip I had done and I'm sure there are many more other crazy stories out there, but this was mine, their faces still haunt me tell this day lol!

Of course I had some great Uber riders too and some great tips, which my biggest tip being 60 bucks, so is Uber really worth it? You bet it is!

Uber also helped me with some hard financial times and if you really wanna do it make sure to use my Uber link, so you get the bonus

Or if you just go to make sure to put this Uber fefferal code in the refferal section kftbsue trust me, if you do not do this you will not get a bonus!

Need to contact Uber they have a phone number, which is Ubers contact phone number 1-800-593-7069

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