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Friday, July 3, 2015

What Are The Benefits Of CoQ10 - Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10

What Is Coenzyme Q10 abbreviated CoQ10

CoQ10 is Coenzyme Q10 which is a powerful antioxidant and is a supplement known to especial help out the heart. What CoQ10 dose is energizes the red blood cells and thus in doing so energizes the heart and it's powerful antioxidant properties can lower blood pressure and cholesterol in your body.

What Are Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Now some people don't understand what an antioxidant is. A antioxidant stops the oxidation of the metabolic reaction, which produces free radicals within your body.

Free radicals are atoms that lost a electron and still have two negative charges and once they lose one of the electrons they become unstable inside your body and go rampaging about stealing an electron from another atom to become stable and then that atom because unstable and so forth. This can cause cellular damage because it's like little sparks going off inside your body and these damaged cells can cause what is known as cancer and or other types of diseases.

What the antioxidant dose is it lones one of its electrons to the free radical and this in turn stabilizes the metabolic reaction and the free radical becomes as it once has normal.

The antioxidant remains stable within the body even without the electron that it gave to the free radical because they are a neutral atom with an extra electron to give and are not positive or negative.

CoQ10 is found within the body around major organs such as your heart and this dubes the supplement the most recommended for the heart because it's also able to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and stop the oxidization reaction.

Where Does CoQ10 Come From

We get CoQ10 from eating meats and vegetables, which makes it seem like every thing you eat has CoQ10 in it, but the fact is that surprisingly most people are deficient with CoQ10 because as we get older we don't store it like we use to and medication such as Stains and Lipitor can inabit the body's ability to store CoQ10 that's why most Doctors suggest people on such medication to take CoQ10 along with it.

What Can CoQ10 Help With

More studies need to be done in the fact that CoQ10 can help you lose weight, but it is now thought that CoQ10 can boost your metabolism giving you more energy making it much faster than it was before.

CoQ10 can also be beneficial with those who have cancer as seen here and can also help slow the ageing process.

Huntington's Disease study showing the benefits of coenzyme q10 giving off therapeutic effects.

Of course more studies need to be done on CoQ10, but this is for sure one supplement worth using due to the fact that it has many beneficial properties.

One study you can find here suggest that CoQ10 can help lower blood pressure in those who have type 2 diabetes and as you can read here help with Diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

There are so many benefits from Coenzyme Q10 from helping with alzheimer's, parkinson's, heart disease, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke along with so many other diseases.

You can read more here on how CoQ10 can help promote weight loss along with other benefits.

I honestly suggest taking this supplement along with Skinny Fiber because it can only help you keep your body safe while promoting weight loss at the same time.

Buying a good CoQ10 can be costly, but you can't put a price on health! I found some really good ones for you!

Are you currently taking a CoQ10? If so share with us in the comments below of what kind and why?

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