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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Skinny Fiber The Weight Loss Product That Shocked The Industry

CEO Ben Glinsky

It's true Skinny Fiber has become one of the fastest growing weight loss products out on the market today.

The reason behind this is because Skinny Fiber actually works.

Skinny Fiber was developed by a company called Skinny Body Care, CEO and owner Ben Glinsky who founded the company in 2010 saw an opportunity that wasn't being met by other so called weight loss products and decided to take advantage of it not only because of the potential income, but because he truly wanted to help people get a solid weight loss product that actually worked.

On his quest to finding a one of a kind product to help people lose weight he did some research and found that by mixing 3 main ingredients together combined with something to help as a digestive aid you would end up with a truly remarkable weight loss product that would actually work for most anyone.

After finding that these were the best weight loss ingredients to combine together he started the long journey of producing the product which is now called "Skinny Fiber". How did the product get it's name? It still is unclear to this day, but some suggest Glinsky came up with this name due to the fact that glucomannan was on of the main ingredients. People still speculate about why the label on bottle is pink and I guess we could say that it was first thought of as a women's weight loss product, but nothing could be further from the truth as it has also helped many men lose weight.

After Skinny Body Care's launch in 2005 it quickly became not only a internet sensation after the first few customers who have tried the product gave their Skinny Fiber Reviews, but later would become a weight loss product that would change the weight loss industry all together.

How Skinny Fiber Has Changed The Weight Loss Industry

The real reason why Skinny Fiber has changed the weight loss industry is because it is not only an all natural weight loss product, but because it actually works. It is also the only weight loss product out on the market that offers a 90 day money back guarantee on 3 bottles or more, which to my knowledge has never been done before with a weight loss product. I feel that this was done in the confidence of the product actually working unlike others out there that don't even offer a return, so there is and was no need to worry about the return of it and after digging into this further it only has a 1% return rate and that is very good.

Skinny Fiber has been Mentioned in the Press, TV and in world known Magazine such as Shape Magazine

Skinny Fiber in Shape Magazine

In 2014 Skinny Body Care was welcomed on Lifetime T.V. and on the hit show The Balancing Act, which featured CEO Ben Glinsky and a few customers who had success with Skinny Fiber.

In December of 2014 Shape Magazine named Skinny Fiber in it's top 10 best weight loss products of the year.

Skinny Fiber has also been mentioned on major news sites across the world such as the daily mail and many more.

It would seem as if the public couldn't get enough of the product. The still hip and hot weight loss product can still be seen on Facebook and many other social media sites where you will see actual before and after pictures of current customers who have had success with losing weight due to using Skinny Fiber.

Another great thing is that it is quite simple to use it's only directions are take 2 capsules 30 minutes before your largest meals of the day with a 16 0Z glass of water.

Benefits of Using Skinny Fiber

Not only is Skinny Fiber all natural featuring Glucomannan Caralluma Cha de Burge and Digestive Enzymes, but also offers a 90 day challenge in which participants compete for a top prize of a 1,000 dollars and everyone gets a T-Shirt showing they completed the challenge.

When you think of the benefits of it though you are getting many health benefits from losing the weight. Skinny Fiber has also been used successfully with people who have type 2 diabetes, which has worked wonders for those who are looking to lose weight and can't just have anything.

Skinny Fiber In The News 2015

Skinny Body Care just mentioned from April 1st to June 30th that they are yet again going to be on T.V. with customers who have won the 90 day challenge. Not only are these customers going to be on T.V., but are also winning an all expense paid vacation to Miami where they will get a full make over and be featured on The Health and Wellness Channel.

Skinny Fiber Distributor Program

Business Distributor

Skinny Fiber to this very day continues to help thousands of people lose weight naturally and has also included a distributor program for those who are looking to make an additional income from promoting and selling Skinny Fiber, which has also become a lucrative income for many stay at home moms and dads.

I hope this post is informative for anyone who is looking for more information on the Skinny Fiber origins.

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