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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Semi Truck Driver Supplements & Vitamins For Survival On The Road

truck driver vitamins

You know it has come to my attention that a lot of truck drivers take supplements and this is good because they honestly do need them. It's unfortunate that most truckers are stuck with eating unhealthy foods because they are always out on the road. This often leads the average trucker to become overweight and in poor health.

Now here is a story I would like to tell you about Bob. Bob is a trucker and hes been trucking for 20 years. He lives the average unhealthy trucker lifestyle by eating whatever he can and he sure isn't worried about any exercise. Now within the first few years Bob has put on additional weight at about 50lbs or more overweight his family starts to really worry about his health, so they make him go see a doctor. His doctor tells him he has developed type 2 diabetes and he is also more likely to develop cancer unless he changes his eating habits and lifestyle. Now Bob is worried about his health, but it's unfortunate he didn't worry about his health sooner and waited to late to do anything about it as hard as he tried Bob never made it back into good health again.

You see sometimes it's best to take supplements not only because you need them, but also as a preventive before it's too late. You know it's a sad thing to see your Bob (dad, brother, self, husband or friend) live an unhealthy lifestyle as a trucker and not doing anything about it. Now granted most overnight truckers I know of have been doing it for many years and they learned many years ago about eating and living healthy, so they seem to like the krill oil, CoQ10 and Skinny Fiber Ingredients.

Top 5 Semi Truck Driver Health Tips.

1 When you pull your rig into the loading docks get out and walk around the parking lot for awhile while they are unloading it or offer to help unload or help with loading.

2 Get on some good old fashion protein powder that offers added vitamins and minerals. "Don't tell me you can't mix it and drive my uncle was a trucker and he use to do a lot more than what this requires driving" (Get a shaker cup). By taking protein powder it will also help you not feel the need to eat more.

3 Not into the protein powder, but still need something to help fight off hunger until you can get to a good meal. Try our Skinny Fiber as it will help you feel full so you eat less and are more likely to stay away from the fast food joints or you can use it along with the powder to maximize results.

4 Learn about supplements and vitamins that cater to your individual needs and if I'm not extremely busy I don't mind helping you out with questions you have about your health concerns. You can find my contact information on this page here.

5 Stay away from fast food!

Well I hope this has helped you some with how to eat healthy on the road and live a little healthier as a semi driver.

To end this post I would like to share a true story with you. My other uncle Paul was driving with us in the back of his car when I was much younger and when we pasted a semi truck we would put our arms up and pull down to signal to the semi truck driver to honk his horn and almost every time they would and it would scare him to death and we all thought it was very funny, but I wanted to ask you do kids still do this today and do you do honk your horn and if so why and if not why not?

I'm also hoping that if you are a trucker reading this post that you share some tips with others in the comment section to help them get their health back on track as a semi truck driver I'm sure you know it's not that easy and the newbies could use the help, so let's give them the help they need.

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