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Ambien vs Provigil

There are different types of people who suffer from sleeping problems. Some of these people have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. Others have a hard time staying awake, meaning that they drift in and out of sleeping states throughout the day. You can argue that the second condition can be worse only because it can make it tougher for a person to function overall. In any case, Ambien and Provigil are two medications designed to combat these conditions, but both have different distinct uses.

Ambien is designed to help people get to sleep and stay sleep. It’s good for those who suffer from different forms of insomnia. Provigil helps people to stay awake. It’s able to combat problems such as narcolepsy. The question is whether either of these drugs has some sort of distinct benefit over the other. Well seeing as how they both do different things, there’s really no way to compare them to each other in this regard. What can be compared is how well each of them does what they do.

First we’ll take a look at Ambien. This is a drug that’s well known and most people know enough of it to ask for it by name when they do to a doctor for a sleeping problem. Ambien is very strong and it comes in different forms. Some of these forms might be better than others, such as the extended release version of Ambien. In any case, Ambien works well, but the only issue is that some people report different problems with sleep after a while using it. This can include waking up in a cold sweat, weird dreams and in some cases sleep paralysis.

Provigil on the other hand is designed to help a person stay awake, but with this comes the added benefit of superior concentration and focus. Because of this the drug has been abused by students who have rigorous academic schedules or those looking for an edge in their field. In terms of it keeping a person awake the drug not only works, but works almost too well. This can serve to create the opposite problem of having a hard time getting to sleep or getting a good sleep. The key to using Provigil successfully is to control the use and focus on using it for its core purpose.

The main thing that potential users of either of these drugs should avoid is trying to use both at the same time. This means using Ambien to get to sleep and then using Provigil during the day to promote wakefulness. Both of these are very powerful drugs that if misused can cause problems that can be hard to correct. In order to determine just how well either one of these would work for your sleepiness or insomnia problem then a doctor will have to have a closer look at your condition. Severity of the condition will be important as well as other medications you might be using.

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