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Ativan vs Valium

Ativan and Valium are both medications used in order to help provide treatment for people suffering from anxiety conditions or other psychiatric disorders. These types of conditions can make it hard for a person to carry on a normal life and have an impact on them long term. With the proper use of medication a person can better control such conditions. Ativan and Valium are both well known in the industry, but is there any real difference between the two?

At their core there isn’t much of a difference. Both of them work really well and if used properly can provide consistent help for anxiety or other psychiatric disorders. Differences not involving the effectiveness will involve the following:

 Valium might be more expensive than Ativan because it’s more often used. It’s seen as being the go to drug in a lot of cases. It’s also harder to get, but this is only because it tends to be addictive if used for a long period of time. The expense can be such that a person might prefer Ativan in order to have an easier time with continued use.

 Valium can create more of a high feeling in people than Ativan, but this is usually because people are prescribed different dosages. This is why it’s going to be really important for a person to know how if they have any internal problems that might cause problems if this drug is used. If this is the case higher dosages will be required.

 Ativan isn’t as trusted as Valium, because less people know about it. This is even the case when it comes to doctors, who usually go with what they know and what other medical professionals tell them. Ativan is usually given out by doctors who have an extensive knowledge of the drug and trust it based on patient feedback.

There is one more difference when it comes to these two drugs that people have to take note of. Ativan might be the cheaper choice, but this doesn’t mean that it’s without problems. People who are taking other medications will find that they have a higher likelihood of experiencing negative interactions due to Ativan use. Valium doesn’t come with the same level risk, although there can still be issues depending on the specific medications being used.

The best way to limit the risk is to make sure you tell a doctor about any and all other medications you might be on. Some of these medications are going to put you at risk more than others if you use them with Ativan or Valium.

The solution a doctor would offer is to either limit the dosage of a drug, switch to an alternative or see if it’s safe to take you off of something for a short period of time. In the case that this wasn’t an option than the only other thing that could be done is prescribing a different anxiety/psychiatric disorder medication that won’t pose the same level of risk.

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