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Canadian Pharmacies and Prescription Drug Prices

Have you checked the prices of prescription medications lately? The prices are going up every year and there really doesn’t seem to be an end in site. You would think that the main goal of drug companies would be making them affordable so that people who need them can get them, but this isn’t how things work. Drug companies aren’t really concerned with making their product affordable. Canadian pharmacies offer a good alternative and you should consider using them, because the cost of drugs will continue to go up for the following reasons:

 Drug companies are only concerned about making a profit, however they can. The amount of money they can charge for drugs is uncontrolled. It doesn’t matter to them that some people might not be able to get them. They feel that people who are in pain will find ways to come up with the money however they have to. Drugs at Canadian pharmacies aren’t so expensive, because the goal is focused more on helping people rather than making as much money as possible.

 A lot of people aren’t taking care of their health. When you have a lot of people who aren’t taking care of their health, then this means you can expect for them to have any number of health problems in the future. American drug companies know this and they want to take advantage. This is why the cost of prescription medications will continue to go up to the point where only those who are affluent or have top health coverage will be able to afford them.

 American drugs companies spend a lot of money on advertising. Think about this for a second. When you watch television you usually see several commercials for prescription medications. Some of these aren’t even for real serious health problems. It costs a lot of money to have these commercials on television and who do you think the cost is going to get passed down to? When you factor in competition this really makes things expensive.

 In certain parts of the world certain medications are made artificially scarce. Why do you believe this happens? Well the drugs that are made scarce usually have the highest value or solve the biggest pain problems. If people think the drug is scare they’ll be willing to pay potentially thousands in order to have access to it. This ensures that a given customer is going to be worth a large sum of money over the life of them using the drug.

 Generics cut into the profit of some of the large American drug companies. Generics are a godsend to some, but they cut into the profits of some of the large companies. Because of this the cost of drugs they come out with are going to be even higher moving forward in order to make up the difference. When this happens the cost of those generic drugs will also go up to the point where they’ll be tough to afford as well. What do you think this is going to result in?

Canadian pharmacies offer you the perfect insurance against ever increasing drug prices. These pharmacies aren’t so driven by making a profit that the customer becomes nothing more than a number to them. When you go through a Canadian pharmacy you’re getting high quality medications that will do the job and save you tons of money. You don’t have to be at the mercy of drug companies in certain parts of the world anymore. Put some of the control in your hands and have a look at some options today.

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