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Canadian Pharmacies vs American Pharmacies

Have you ever gone into a store and wanted to buy something that you were prepared to pay a nice amount of money for? Maybe you were getting a certain name brand or maybe you were getting a product you knew did not come cheap. So how did you respond when you saw that the product you wanted was available for dirt cheap? You probably figured the item was a deal at first and you were completely prepared to buy it. But then you begin to think to yourself, why is this item so cheap? The more you thought about it the more suspicious you became.

It is the same when it comes to the medications people are able to get from Canadian pharmacies. When people look at the cost of the drugs they are going to be getting versus what they would pay in the United States it is hard not to believe something is up. Some of the questions people probably ask themselves would include the following:

 If the drugs were as good in Canada as they are in America, then why are they being sold so cheap. Add to this the fact that most items are usually more expensive in Canada then they are in America.

 You might be thinking the quality you are going to get is simple inferior. This means the base ingredients in the drugs must not be as good or not that much attention went into producing them.

 You might feel that the drugs are all generics and not only this, but the drugs are not made under the same guidelines and standards as you would be getting in the United States.

All of these concerns are reasonable to have, because if you are going to be taking a medication for any reason you are looking to get the benefit of using that drug right? You certainly do not want to put your health at risk in order to take a drug that was made cheaply. Well this is not the case in Canada. The quality of drugs you would be getting is on pay with what you would get in the US.

The main reasons drugs companies in Canada are able to offer you medications for so much cheaper is because it is not all about money with them. Unlike in America where there are no regulations to control what the cost of a given drug will be, in Canada there is. Wholesale drug purchases in Canada are completely controlled by the government and these price controls go all the way down to the retail level.

You will also find that all across Canada the retail prices for medications are the same. The only difference in pricing might occur because pharmacies are able to charge what they call a dispensing fee. This is one of the only areas where pharmacies up there are allowed to be competitive. Sometimes the dispensing fee might be about seven dollars, but it can go up a little bit higher. Canadian pharmacies are also able to get rebates from distributors based on the volume of drugs they are able to dispense. For the most part there is no price manipulations and you are not being sold an inferior product.

It is understandable that you fear what you will be getting from Canada because the prices are so much lower. But understand that Canada is a developed country. If you were dealing with a third world country then you might have something to worry about. But most of the drugs you can get from Canada come from the exact same places as the ones in America. In America the wholesalers of medications have a cap on what they can charge and this keep everyone able to get the drugs they need for affordable prices.

This is the main reason why America is so against allowing people to get their medications from Canada in the first place. The number of people who would choose to go this route would be huge and American pharmaceutic companies would stand to lose a lot of money. In America drugs are about business. In Canada it is the same, but not nearly to the same degree.

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