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Codeine vs Soma

If you are suffering from a condition that causes you to be in moderate or severe pain, or you have an injury/condition that causes pain in your muscles, then you might require medication in order to help deal with the problem. Medication doesn’t always have to be the first choice nor does it have to be the choice you rely on long term. However, medication can go a long way in helping a person to have an easier time dealing with and getting over serious pain problems that would otherwise make day to day life very difficult. Two primary medications work very well in this case. These would be Codeine and Soma. Here’s a short summary of what both of these drugs are and what they can do.


Codeine is an effective form of opioid pain medication. Opioids such as this sometimes are referred to as narcotics. Codeine’s main purpose is to offer treatment for people who have mild to moderately severe pain problems.


Soma works as a form of muscle relaxer. When used it’s able to effectively block out pain sensations between nerves and the brain. It’s used together with rest as well as physical therapy in order to treat injuries as well as various painful musculoskeletal problems.

So which one of these medications is better for you, Codeine or Soma?

The thing is Codeine is so well known that people almost look to it like the automatic go to option for any sort of serious pain condition they might have. If you were to do a search online you would find all sorts of reviews about the drug, way more than you would find for Soma. Codeine is very good at what it does, but the issue with it is people have a tendency to become over dependent on it. This means after a while they start abusing it or asking for high doses.

Soma is not as well known, and it attacks pain problems in a different way. It too can be addictive, but it doesn’t seem to be nearly as addictive as codeine is. This doesn’t mean a patient shouldn’t use codeine but they have to make sure their careful to not become over dependent on it or take it too much. Addiction potential has to be attacked constantly and this is the reason why doctors might be hesitant to prescribe it. With Soma, it’s designed to be used with rest and physical therapy in order to get a person over whatever the source of their pain problem is.

With this being the case it would have to mean the drug is really not intended for long term use, which is a good thing. It means a lesser chance of dependency and a lesser chance for side effects. Codeine works really well though and it can be used by itself to offer relief for the most severe pain problems. This is what some people require at times. Soma might not be as good at doing this. So the question of which one would be the better choice would come down to what level of pain you had and how much tolerance do you have for it. The less tolerable the more

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