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Phentermine vs Meridia

Phentermine and Meridia are both treatments made to assist people who struggle to lose weight. Struggling to lose weight is very real for a lot of people out there, not only because of physical reasons, but for mental reasons. Both of these treatments provide a boost in order to assist a person with experiencing a breakthrough that they otherwise wouldn’t if they were left to their own devices.

The important thing that needs to be considered is whether there’s a difference between using either one of these. Well Phentermine works as a stimulant, while Meridia works more as an anti-depressant. This is the first difference, but there are others.

Meridia for starters has been reported to make people feel more moody than Phentermine. Why is this? It could just be that a person isn’t responding to it as well or maybe they aren’t taking it the right way. In any case not everyone will experience this, but it’s something to take note of.

Another factor to take note of is that Meridia tends to be more expensive than Phentermine is. Now there are several reasons for this with one of the main ones being that in the beginning it got a lot of celebrity endorsements. Because of these celebrity endorsements this led to the price being higher. Meridia was heavily promoted not just on television, but on the internet where competition for such treatments is high. Price alone might be the reason why some will prefer Phentermine instead.

Both of these treatments tend to work very well in terms of suppressing appetite, but this is going to come down to several factors. How much a person weighs, how serious is their hunger problem and how old are they. All of these will need to be considered when it comes to how much of a dosage a person will require each day.

Each of these treatments comes with the possibility of helping a person to lose a lot of weight in a fast period of time. This is not going to be because the treatment just melts off weight. Its ability to suppress appetite and speed up the metabolism is a main factor though. When combined with the proper exercise and eating habits the effectiveness of both treatments go up.

So which one of these should a user go with? Well if the goal is to save money, then Phentermine is the choice. The only negative with this choice is that more people have reported side effects due to its use than Meridia. Phentermine was reported to help better with suppressing appetite and losing weight in a sustained manner.

The best way to go about it would be to understand if there are any unique risks to you particularly. One more thing, Phentermine has been reported to be extra effective when it was used alongside certain add on medications. The only problem is that some of these add ons are no longer being used due to being banned.

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