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Celebrex (Celecoxib)

Generic Name: Celecoxib (SEL e KOX ib)

Brand Names: Celebrex


Where to buy Celebrex online?






Celebrax is a NSAID, which is short for Nonsteroidaal Anti-inflammatory Drug. It’s main use is to treat arthritis, pain, menstrual cramps, as well as colonic polyps. One of the ways Celebrex helps fight problems such as inflammation and the pain associated with it is by fighting a chemical called Prostaglandins.


Celebrex is able to block out the enzyme that creates this chemical, which leads to a lower concentration of Prostaglandins. Because of this inflammation and any associated pain, fever, swelling and tendernes issues are reduced. Celebrex is different from other NSAIDs also because it doesn’t cause as much inflammation or ulceration in the stomach or intestine (with short term use that is) and it doesn’t get in the way of the clotting of blood.


What are some of the common potential side effects?


 Abdominal pain


What are some of the more serious side effects?


 Kidney failure
 Heart failure
 Aggravation of hypertension
 Chest pain
 Ringing in the ears
 Stomach and intestinal ulcers
 Blurred vision
 Weight gain
 Water retention
 Flu-like symptoms
 Allergic reactions can occur


Do you have to take this medication for a while in order for the benefits to take full effect?


Some people who take this medication want to know just how long it can take before they begin to realize the full benefit. This is important, because those suffering from arthritis and the pain problems caused by it don’t want to wait forever before they get some sort of relief. Serious inflammation problems, swelling, stiffness and joint pain can make it tough for a person to do simple things in their day to day lives.


In order to have an idea of how soon this medication can start working, you have to focus on the dosage you’ll be getting as well as the severity of your problem. If for instance you have an arthritis condition that very severe, then it might take longer for you to get a sense of relief that’s going to make a real difference. If you’re condition is minor, then the effects will be more immediate. But in both of these cases the dosage you get prescribed by a doctor is going to play a key role.


The common dosage a perso might get is 200 to 400mg each day. Most people will get on the low end of this. If you take the smaller dosage, then it can be a while before you realize the full benefits of Celebrex. If you don’t start to feel it working, then you need to speak with a medical professional about increasing the dosage to see if this is the problem. In some cases it might not be and you might need to take another drug.


You shouldn’t try to take a different medication than though without speaking to a doctor who knows your history. Because they’ll be able to come up with the best method of treatment if Celebrex isn’t working for you.


Celebrex is many cases should work well though as long as you don’t do anything to effect it, such as drinking alcohol or trying to use it with other medication. This would be really dangerous as well.


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