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Cyklokapron (Tranexamic)

Generic Name: tranexamic acid (Cyklokapron) (tran ex AM ik AS id)

Brand Names: Cyklokapron


Where to buy Cyklokapron online?






Cyklokapron is a prescription drug treatment that’s mainly used in order to lower or stop heavy bleeding. When a person’s bleeds, the body forms clots in order to stop the problem. With some people though, the clots don’t seem to break down and because of this the bleeding keeps taking place. Cyklokapron does its job by stopping clots from being broken down and as a result it reduces any problematic bleeding.


What type of conditions cause heavy bleeding problems where this drug might be put to use?


Cyklokapron can be used in order to regulate bleeding in a multitude of different conditions. For instance it can lower heavy bleeding with someone who has just come out of surgery, people who might have serious nose bleed problems, women who suffer from heavy periods, bleeding inside the eye, bleeding caused by a tooth being pulled out or with anyone who might just bleed more than they are supposed to due to a condition called (hereditary angio-oedema).


What should you know before you start to take this medicational treatment in order to keep you safe?


There are some drugs out there that just aren’t right for specific people. These are people who will be given alternatives that are safer. Some people can take a specific drug only if they exercise caution when using it. It’s because of these reasons that you let your doctor know certain information prior to use. Here’s a list of things you should tell them beforehand.


 If you’re expecting a baby or are breast-feeding
 If you’re experiencing problems with the way your kidneys function or if you have blood inside your urine
 If you’ve had any unwanted blood clot inside of an artery or vein
 If you have ever had a fit (a convulsion)
 If recently you’ve suffered from a blood clotting condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation.
 If you’re taking any other form of medication (these would include those you get over the counter)
 If you ever have had an allergic reaction too any drug in the past.


How should you take Cyklokapron in order to ensure it works for you the way it’s supposed to?


Any person who uses Cyklokapron or any other medication should make sure that they take it exactly as a doctor tells them to. A doctor will let you know exactly how much of this drug you should be taking and for how long throughout the duration of the treatment. The specific dosage you should be taking will also be included on the back of the pack reminding you of important information.


What are some of the potential side effects you might experience if you take this medicational treatment?


 Feelings of sickness or nausea
 Headache problems
 Diarrhea problems
 Problems with your eyesight


All of the above are side effects that vary in terms of severity. In many cases they are only something you should have to be concerned about in the beginning as your body adjusts to the treatment. After a short period of time these problems should subside or go away completely. If this doesn’t happen then be sure to get in contact with a doctor or a pharmacist.


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