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Generic Name: Dutas

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The generic name for Dutas is Dutasterine, it’s a medication that’s main use is to help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate). The way it does this is by helping to improve urinary flow. The drug also has uses when it comes to improving hair growth in males who might suffer from male pattern baldness. Dutas belongs to a group of treatments called 5 alpha reductase inhibitors. These are drugs that help to prevent testosterone from being turned into an androgen called DHT.


What are some of the side affects you might be at risk for if you have to take a medicational treatment such as Dutas


 Tender breasts
 Breast enlargement
 Erectile dysfunction
 Reduction in sex drive
 Less semen released during intercourse


If you want to get results from using this medication, then what do you need to know that can help increase your odds in the long run?


In order for you to have success using a drug like Dutas to treat your baldness, then you need to know what you might be doing in the first place (outside of having an internal condition or even having baldness due to genetics). People do things that contribute to hair loss on a daily basis and this is what needs to be focused on. Yes, this drug can be used to help with an enlarged prostate, but its main use is hair loss treatment in men. So this is what’s going to be focused on.


Being way too rough when it comes to combing the hair or brushing it


Men who suffer from baldness or general hair loss problems need to take it easier as far as brushing and combing are concerned. A lot of men who be extra aggressive in this department and there’s no reason to be. Your hair is especially vulnerable when it’s wet (like right after you get out of the shower). However, the main source of the problem might be you using a bad comb or brush. You can look at purchasing a comb/brush that’s made to be gentler to use and doesn’t require so much force.


Being too aggressive when it comes to blow-drying your hair


Blow-drying your hair is necessary if you wash it frequently. The problem for too many men is that they try to get the job done too fast. This means they’ll have the blow-dryer turned up really high and this does a lot to damage the hair short term and as a result long term. Learn to be more patient in this regard. Give yourself more time in order to dry your hair. If you’re a man who suffers from male pattern baldness or just has hair loss problems in general, then you want to do all you can not to contribute to it any further.


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