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Evista (Raloxifene)

Generic Name: raloxifene (oral) (ra LOX i feen)

Brand Names: Evista


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Evista is prescribed to postmenopausal women who suffer from osteoporosis (also known as bone loss or brittle bone disease).


How It Works


The active ingredient in Evista is raloxifene, which is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Raloxifene can bind to estrogen receptors so the hormone can travel more easily through some tissues, especially bone tissue. Raloxifene can also block estrogen in breast and uterine tissue.


Evista is not chemically similar to estrogen, but can act as estrogen in certain parts of the body like the bones, breasts and uterus.




Evista is prescribed to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Evista can also reduce the risk for invasive breast cancer after menopause. Evista also reduces the density of breasts.


When prescribed for osteoporosis, Evista can slow down bone loss caused by the disease and keep bones strong and less prone to breaking. Evista is sometimes prescribed with calcium and vitamin D supplements to treat osteoporosis.


It should be noted that Evista does not relieve symptoms of menopause.




Evista should be taken as prescribed by a doctor. Dosage will vary between individuals depending on the severity of the condition.


Read the patient information leaflet provided with the packaging carefully before taking Evista pills.


If any of the dosage instructions are unclear, clarify with a doctor or pharmacist before using.


Evista pills should be swallowed, if needed with some water. Evista can be taken with or without food.


Take Evista pills the same time each day to prevent forgetting a dose. Follow dosage instructions and schedule very carefully.


Do not take double doses of Evista if you miss a dose.


Evista alone cannot treat conditions like osteoporosis. It’s important to consume adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D with food. If your calcium and vitamin D consumptions is lower than healthy, your doctor will prescribe supplements with Evista treatments. Take these supplements as instructed by the doctor alongside Evista.


Side Effects


Common side effects of Evista include one or more of the following:


 Leg cramps
 Hot flashes
 Flu-like symptoms


The above side effects are not serious and should disappear on their own. If the side effects worsen or persist, call your doctor.



 Do not take Evista if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication.


 Evista should not be taken by premenopausal women.


 Evista should not be used as a drug to prevent heart disease.


 Evista can be absorbed through the skin and the lungs. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and women who hope to become pregnant soon should not touch Evista pills or breathe Evista pill dust.


 Evista can increase the risk for blood clots in legs, lungs and the eye. Evista may increase your risk for a fatal stroke.


 Therefore, women with a history of blood clots and coronary heart disease are advises against taking Evista.


 Women with risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, or hypertension should consult a doctor regarding safety of Evista.




When taking Evista, it’s important to follow a diet that contains nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.
Take Evista with a diet and weight control plan that includes exercise to treat osteoporosis.


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