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Femara (Letrozole)

Generic Name: Femara

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Femara is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. The active ingredient in Femara is letrozole. It can be ingested as a tablet in quantities equivalent to 2.5mg.


How It Works


There are certain types of cancers, particularly breast cancers, which are known as hormone dependent cancers. This means that the presence of some hormones such as estrogen can cause these tumors and cancers to grow and spread. Letrozole helps to lower the amount of the estrogen level in women. By doing so, the cancers are deprived of the hormones that they need. This can reduce the prevalence and spread of breast cancers in particular.




Femara has a specific use. It is prescribed to postmenopausal women who require treatment for breast cancer.


Femara is typically provided to women who have previously undergone tamoxifen therapy for a period of five years.




Femara is only available to those who have been examined by a medical specialist. This is because Femara can only be given to a small percentage of individuals. If your doctor has decided that you fit the necessary criteria, you will be told just how much of Femara will prove to be useful. To ensure that you will get the best possible results, you should adhere to the prescription that you have received. There should be no changes to your daily dosage unless a doctor has recommended that you change it.


Femara should be taken in quantities equivalent to 2.5mg. This should be consumed once a day. There is no specific time that you will need to take Femara.


It is quite likely that the use of Femara will be required for about five years.


Side Effects


As with most medications, you can expect to come across certain contrary responses to the consumption of Femara. Some of these are mild and may dissipate after a while. Other indicators may be a little more disruptive. Here are the most reported results:


 General physical discomfort including bones, muscles, and joints
 Difficulty with bowel movements
 Frequent bowel movements
 Dry mouth
 Experiencing greater thirst
 Less interest in food
 Loss in weight
 Unusual taste in the mouth
 Presence of rash on the skin
 Loss of balance
 Difficulties with sleeping
 Feeling of weakness or tiredness


In most cases, these adverse problems should go away. If this does not happen, you should get yourself some medical attention as soon as possible.




Femara should not be prescribed to those who:


 Have previously experienced a hypersensitive reaction to letrozole
 Cannot be considered to be fully postmenopausal
 Are pregnant
 A physician should be told if any of these are something that are related to you:
 Malfunctioning or cirrhosis of the liver
 Issues with bones, in particular osteoporosis or a lowered bone density
 Elevated levels of cholesterol
 Are currently taking tamoxifen




It is not usual for a postmenopausal woman to get pregnant. Nonetheless, if this is something that you experience, it is important to alert a physician as soon as possible. Femara can cause complications for a fetus.


There have been no studies conducted on if Femara can be communicated by a nursing mother.


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