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Generic Name: Fertomid

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Fertomid is a drug that can induce ovulation to treat infertility in women.


How It Works


Fertomid contains an active ingredient called clomiphene. Clomiphene is classified as an ovulatory stimulant. This medication works in the body similarly to estrogen, the female hormone that causes the ovaries to develop an egg and release it into the uterus once mature. Fertomid can stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs when naturally occurring hormones are inadequate to do so.




Fertomid is primarily prescribed to treat infertility in women caused by ovaries that do not get proper hormonal stimulation to produce eggs. Fertomid, however, is not effective in women who have damaged ovaries or ovaries that have completely stopped producing eggs.


Fertomid is also prescribed to correct menstrual cycle abnormalities, treat fibrocystic breasts, and for women who produce breast milk when not pregnant or nursing a baby. Fertomid is also sometimes used to treat male infertility caused by hormonal issues, especially in the pituitary gland.


Fertomid may be prescribed for other uses not listed above.




You should take Fertomid as prescribed by a doctor. Dosage will vary depending on your condition, response to treatment, body weight and other factors.


Fertomid doses are usually taken once every five days. On a Day 1 to Day 5 cycle, the dosage should be taken on Day 5. It’s important to stick to a schedule so you don’t forget and miss a dose. Mark a calendar or set up phone alerts to make sure that you follow the treatment schedule.


Ask your doctor for instructions if you forget a dose.


Take Fertomid tablets by mouth. Take the pills with some water to make it easy to swallow. It’s important to take your Fertomid dose the same time each day.


Take Fertomid exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Read all the information provided in the patient information leaflet before starting your first dose.


Do not take Fertomid more or less than prescribed. Taking a higher than prescribed dose of Fertomid may cause severe side effects.


Side Effects


Fertomid may cause the following common side effects:


 Upset stomach
 Abnormal vaginal bleeding
 Breast discomfort


Call a doctor immediately if you experience any one of the following serious side effects:


 Blurred vision
 Double Vision
 Flashes or visual spots
 Pain in any part of the stomach
 Weight gain
 Stomach swelling
 Shortness of breath




 Do not take Fertomid if allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug.


 Do not take Fertomid without first asking your doctor about possible negative interaction with other prescription or nonprescription drugs you may be taking.


 Fertomid is not safe to use with certain medical conditions such as ovarian cysts or liver disease. Ask your doctor if Fertomid is safe to use considering your medical history.


 Fertomid can increase the chance of multiple pregnancy (conceiving twins, triplets or more). Discuss the risks of multiple pregnancy with your doctor before beginning treatment.




Do not operate machinery, drive or engage in activities that require alertness if taking Fertomid causes vision problems.


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