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Due to aging, alongside with a couple of other causes, millions of men from all around the world suffer from hair-loss. Not only is the condition quite unpleasant, but other than the obvious symptom, it can also cause a couple of psychological symptoms, such as a decrease of self-confidence, irritability relationship tensions, and even depression in more severe cases.


Fortunately, there are a couple of medicines that can be used to combat both hair-loss and the psychological symptoms associated with it. Finax represents a popular drug which is mainly used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss, also known by the name of androgenic alopecia. Both the efficacy and safety of the tablet has been determined after numerous tests have been carried out amongst men of all ages.


What should patients know prior to taking Finax?


To kick things off, it is important to only take Finax, once you have been consulted by a physician. During your consultation, make sure to let your doctor know about all other medical issues that you are suffering from, but also about any other treatments that you may be undergoing. There are cases when the drug can interact with other medication and cause severe side effects, and other unwanted experiences.


Secondly, Finax is mostly used to treat low, and mild hair-loss. If too much time has passed since the hair fell in certain parts of your head, then the drug may not be as effective. Its active ingredient is Finasteride, so prior to taking it, also make sure that you are not allergic to this substance.


Do keep in mind the fact that the cessation of the treatment, may revert the positive outcome, and cause hair-loss once again, so do inform your doctor when you wish to stop, so that he can give adequate precaution measures.


How to take the Finax tablets?


The easy answer would be to follow all directions issued by your doctor, and written on the prescription label. With this in mind, the general dosage of the drug would be of one pill per day, taken orally, either with, or without a meal, as long as you stay hydrated.


By taking the drug at the same time every day, you’ll also manage to increase its efficiency, and lower the potential array of side effects that you may experience during your treatment.


What are the side effects associated with Finax?


Just like many other drugs available on the market, there are also a couple of side effects that may be caused by Finax. With this in mind, some of the most common reactions include itching, hives, breast enlargement and tenderness, a lower sex drive, difficulty when it comes down to achieving erections, and swelling. In case of more severe side effects, make sure to seek emergency medical attention.


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