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Imitrex (Sumatriptan)

Generic Name: Imitrex

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Millions of people throughout the world have suffered from a headache at least once in their lives. While normal pain killers, sold over-the-counter, can help combat the symptoms associated with headaches, these won’t always work. This is why there are stronger and more effective drugs on the market, such as Imitrex. For those that do not know, this particular drug works by narrowing the blood vessels present around the brain, while also reducing substances in the body, which have the potential of causing a headache.


At this moment in time, Imitrex is mostly used to treat migraine headaches, either with or without an aura in adults. Do keep in mind the fact that the drug can only work for headaches that have already begun, which means that it cannot prevent headaches, or reduce the number of attacks that you experience on a weekly basis. Additionally, Imitrex must only be used for migraine headaches, and not tension headaches, as it will not be effective, while also causing a couple of side effects.


What should patients know prior to taking this medicine?


Patients who have a history of heart disease or coronary artery disease, alongside with an uncontrolled blood pressure, circulation problems, liver disease, kidney disease, or history of strokes and mental illnesses should not take this medicine.


During your consultation, make sure to let your doctor know if you suffer from any of the conditions that have been outlined above, but also if you have any allergies, are dealing with a lack of blood supply to the heart, or are undergoing therapy based on other drugs as well.


It is currently unknown whether the drug has the potential of harming an unborn baby, so make sure to let your doctor know whether you are pregnant or planning to become so in the near future. The drug should also not be used by anyone who is aged under 18.


How should patients go about taking Imitrex?


When it comes down to using the product, make sure to take Imitrex exactly as it has been prescribed by your doctor. Based on this, make sure not to take smaller or larger doses, for a longer period of time than it has been initially recommended. This is so due to the fact that overusing the medicine can actually cause more headaches, and make them worse.


The pill should be swallowed as soon as you’re feeling the first symptoms of a headache. The tablet should be taken whole, without chewing or breaking, with a full glass of water. There is also a nasal spray available, which is both safe and effective, and should encourage the headache to fade away completely. In case you have over 30 counts of headaches per month, make sure to let your doctor know, as the cause may be different.


What are the most common side effects associated with Imitrex, and what should patients do in the unfortunate case that they overdose?


Some of the most common side effects include pain or tightness in your throat, jaw or chest, but also numbness, dizziness, unusual taste in your mouth, burning sensations and a runny/stuffy nose. If you have overdosed, or experience more severe side effects, make sure to seek emergency medical attention.


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