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Lasix (Furosemide)

Generic Name: furosemide (fur OH se mide)

Brand Names: Lasix, Diaqua-2, Lo-Aqua


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Lasix is a medicational treatment that’s used in order to help people who suffer from extra fluid in their bodies (which would be a condition called edema) brought on by different conditions like heart failure, liver disease, as well as kidney disease. When this treatment is taken by a patient, then it can help to relieve symptoms like shortness of breath, swelling in a persons arms, legs and the abdomen.


Lasix can also be used in order to help treat people who suffer from high blood pressure problems. By being able to lower a persons blood pressure it’s going to help with different areas of a persons health. The main benefit is the serious health risks that can be minimized as a result. These health risks include strokes (which can lead to impairment of even death) heart attacks (which can lead to death or dependence on other medications) or kidney problems.


Lasix is a water pill (another word for diuretic) that is able to cause a person to create more urine. What this does is it helps people who might have high water and salt levels to lower them. This is beneficial.
There are other uses for Lasix, such as the ability for it to help lower high calcium levels in the blood. This is a condition known as hypercalcemia.


If a person is prescribed Lasix, then what are some of the possible minor or common side effects they might be at risk for?


 Blurred vision may occur as your body adjusts to the medication


If you find that any of these conditions last longer than they should or they get worse, then be sure to call a doctor or get in touch with a pharmacist as soon as you could. In order to lower the risk of some of these side effects, such as dizziness and lightheadedness, be sure to rise slowly when you’re getting up from a sitting or lying position.


What are some of the more serious possible side effects a person might suffer from if they take Lasix?


 Lasix can lead to a severe loss of water (dehydration) as well as salt/minerals
 Muscle cramps
 Unusual tiredness
 Severe dizziness
 Unusual dry mouth/thirst
 Nausea, vomiting
 Fast/irregular heartbeat
 Unusual decrease in the amount of urine
 Numbness/tingling/pain/redness/swelling of the arms/legs
 Hearing changes
 Stomach/abdominal pain
 Yellowing eyes/skin
 Serious allergic reactions


Understand that this isn’t a complete list of the side effects you might be at risk for if you take this medicational treatment. When you take it if you notice anything else serious wrong with you that wasn’t present before, then you’ll want to let a doctor know or a pharmacist


Lasix is very effect at what it does, but you need to make sure it’s right for your condition. This is why having access to the professional expertise of a doctor is preferred if you decide to use this medication.


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