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Generic Name: Motilium

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Motilium belongs to a group of medications known as peripherally selective dopamine D2 receptors. And it’s used primarily as an antiemetic, gastroprokinetic agent, and galactogogue. The treatment can be taken by means of the mouth or rectally. It can be found in tablet form, orally, disintegrating tablets, suspension and suppositories. Motilium can be used in order to help offer relief for nausea and vomiting. It can help food to move better through the stomach (by means of heightening gastrointestinal peristalsis) and it can help to promote lactation by releasing prolactin.


What are some of the more serious side affects you might be at risk of if you decide to use Motilium?


 Breast milk flowing from the nipple
 Dry mouth
 Swelling of the breast in the male
 Hot flashes
 Itching of skin
 Itching, redness, pain, or swelling of eye
 Menstrual irregularities
 Pain in the breast


What are some of the more serious/rare side affects you might be at risk of if you decide to use this medicational treatment?


 Change in need to urinate
 Change in appetite
 Burning, difficult, or painful urination
 Difficulty in speaking
 Lack or loss of strength
 Leg cramps
 Mental dullness
 Stomach cramps


What’s a doctor going to be watching out for when they issue you this medication and how can this help them to improve your experience?


When you use a prescription medication it’s not always about what that drug is designed to do for you in the long run. Doctors have to look very carefully at what a drug is going to mean for you in the short term and throughout the course of you using it. There are some situations where the ends just might not justify the means. You have to be monitored (preferably) when using a treatment such as Motilium for different reasons. Here are a few of them:


 A doctor has to be sure that the medication isn’t causing you any intolerable side effects. Some minor side effects are expected. But these are side effects that can be tolerated. More serious problems can get to a level where you can’t tolerate them (meaning the end doesn’t justify the means). In this case adjustments will have to be made.


 A doctor wants to see how your body reacts initially to using the medication. Some drugs are designed to offer a fairly fast response when taken. When this doesn’t happen then there might be a reason for it and in order to stop you from continuing use (which wouldn’t benefit you as it should) adjustments have to be made. This doesn’t mean you would stop using the drug altogether though.


 A doctor wants to make sure the progress you make is as expected. This means as you move through different stages of using a drug like Motilium, then you should be improving at a certain rate. When this isn’t happening then once again you need to be looked at in order to see what the problem is or to see if there’s a problem at all. In a lot of cases there might not be, but this doesn’t mean it will be ignored.


You won’t always require monitoring by a medical professional when using a drug like Motilium or any drug. It’s best though if you do at least have access to a medical professional just to be on the safe side.


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