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Generic Name: Nootropil

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Nootropil comes in tablet form and as oral solutions. Each of them contains an active ingredient called piracetam. Nootropil is used in order to help control problems such as twitching and jerking of different muscles. These muscles are usually going to be in the arms and legs and it’s brought on by a problem in the brain or nervous system (myoclonus of cortical origin). In some cases this medication is used together with other treatments for the purpose of making it more effective.


What’s the best way to take this medication in order to ensure you keep the possibility of problems to a minimum?


You can take Nootropil tablets and oral solution along with food or without it. Make sure you swallow the tablets with a drink, preferably water. Understand that Nootropil has a very strong and bitter taste to it. This bitter taste can be lowered by swallowing it with water each time.


The dosage you’ll get prescribed and the frequency you’ll be taking it is going to be different from person to person. It’s going to be very important for you to follow the careful instructions of a doctor. You’ll also find directions printed on the label or in the leaflet that comes with the drug in order to help you.


What do you do if you miss a dose? Should you just skip that dose or should you try to make up for it as soon as you remember?


You don’t want to increase the dosage in order to make up for a missed dose. What you can do if you miss a dose is focus on the next time you’re scheduled to take it and do it then. This is the best way to ensure you don’t increase the chances of experiencing side effects.


If you take Nootropil, then what are some of the potential side effects you put yourself at risk for as a result?


 Weight gain
 Increased body movements (hyperkinesia)
 Feeling weak


What are some of the more serious potential side effects you might be at risk for if you take this medicational treatment?


 Bleeding disorders
 Agitation or anxiety
 Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
 Spinning sensation
 Nausea and vomiting
 Abdominal pain
 Problems with balance
 Skin rashes, itching or hives
 Allergic reactions


If you use other medication while taking this, than how can it affect the way those other medications will work?


If you take other medications, then the first thing you need to do is make sure you let a doctor know. They’ll be able to determine if you should make changes or whether or not a different course of action needs to be taken. Also tell a doctor about anything you use that’s purchased over the counter such as herbal remedies and other OTC treatments.


Nootropil isn’t a medication every doctor is going to feel comfortable prescribing. Some doctors might have their own preferred medications they use, because these are what have gotten the results they want for patients in the past. If you want to avoid such a problem, then keep yourself open to the idea of seeing a different doctor if you believe (assuming you weren’t at increased risk for side effects) this particular treatment is best for your condition.


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