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Plendil (Felodipine)

Generic Name: felodipine (fe LOE di peen)

Brand Names: Plendil


Where to buy Plendil online?






Plendil belongs to a group of medications called calcium channel blockers. The way these work is their able to relax the muscle of the heart and blood vessels. When this happens it can help to lower high blood pressure (hypertension). It can also be used for purposes not mentioned here, but this is in the discretion of the doctor. Other uses for this medication haven’t been approved by the FDA.


If you use Plendil, then what are some of the primary side effects you might end up putting yourself at risk of as a result?


 Allergic reactions-This would include hives, having a hard time with breathibg, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat.
 Feeling like you might pass out
 Feeling short of breath
 Swelling in your hands or feet
 Fast or pounding heartbeats
 Numbness or tingly feeling
 Chest pain or heavy feeling
 Pain spreading to the arm or shoulder
 Nausea, sweating
 General ill feeling


What are some of the less serious side effects a person might experience using this medicational treatment?


 Feeling restless or nervous
 Upset stomach
 Stomach pain
 Sleep problems (insomnia)
 Joint pain or muscle cramps
 Warmth, redness, or tingly feeling under your skin
 Mild rash
 Urinating more than usual


Cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat


Understand that you shouldn’t let any possibility of side effects stop you from using Plendil. The serious side effects are very low probability in terms of your overall risk of experiencing them. And the less serious side effects usually happen because your body has to take a period of time to get used to the medication. After a short period of use you shouldn’t experience any side effects at all or they should be very minimal in nature. If you find this isn’t the case or if your conditions become worse, then you’ll need to stop use and get in touch with a medical professional right away.


How can you be sure if Plendil is going to work for you?


You’ll need to take the medication for a while and then go to the doctor to get checked out. At the doctors office some simple tests will be ran on you to see if your blood pressure is getting lower or if no changes have occurred at all. In the case that no changes have occurred at all, then the doctor will ask you some questions regarding things you might be doing to interfere with the medication working.


If you aren’t doing anything to stop the treatment from working, then there might be some other reason why you aren’t responding to it. The doctor can do things such as offer you the drug in a different form, increase the dosage or offer you something else altogether. In the case that the drug is working for you the way a doctor hopes it will, then no changes will be made. Any changes can effect the positive results you’re getting.


Also, understand that high blood pressure isn’t something that just goes away overnight. You might have to be on medications such as Plendil for a long time. In this case, it’s going to be beneficial for you to find a way to get it at a lower price, because insurance might not always pay or they might not pay the entire amount. So one good option for you might be deciding to use an online pharmacy in order to save some money and get what you need.


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