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Provera (Medroxyprogesterone)

Generic Name: medroxyprogesterone (oral) (me DROX ee proe JES ter one)

Brand Names: Provera


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Provera is a remedy that deals with several issues stemming from the malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle. Provera tablets contain medroxyprogesterone acetate. This is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring hormone, progesterone. It can be taken as 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg.


How It Works


The menstrual cycle in a women is controlled by several different hormones. One of these is progesterone. The concentration of progesterone increases about a week before a period occurs. For some women, however, there may be certain issues that lead to a lowered level of this hormone. This can cause numerous different offending symptoms. To overcome this, the synthetic progesterone is introduced. By doing so, the other hormones and the menstrual cycle will adjust themselves accordingly.




Provera can aid in regulating inconsistent periods or ones that are too frequent. It can also help with periods that may be accompanied by heavy bleeding or significant pain. In the event that your period has stopped completely, Provera should be able to help. Provera can also be used to reduce symptoms associated with endometriosis.




To make sure that Provera works for you, you should always first visit a physician prior to beginning treatment. As you are dealing with the menstrual cycle, your physician will advise you to take Provera on particular days of your cycle. Only then, will Provera help will to regulate your cycle. It is imperative that you take Provera exactly when you are supposed to. You should also not deviate from the amounts that have been determined to be appropriate.


The most effective quantity is usually found in doses between 5mg and 10mg. This should be taken on a daily basis. For most issues, you will be expected to take this for a duration of between 5 and 10 days. These days will be aligned to your particular menstrual cycle.


Side Effects


While Provera has been shown to be widely helpful in alleviating in certain medical issues, there may be particular contrary reactions. The ones that are most likely to appear are:


 Breakouts on the skin
 An increase in certain depressive emotions
 A reduction in volume of hair
 Significant presence of body hair especially on the face
 Bad temper
 Reduction in appetite
 Changes in weight
 Interrupted sleep patterns
 Difficulty with paying attention


If any of these symptoms become quite severe or if they do not cease, you should notify a medical expert.




Provera should not be used if you:


 Have had an earlier allergic reaction to one or more components of Provera
 Are pregnant
 Have atypical vaginal bleeding
 Have a propensity for developing blood clots
 Have cancers that are dependent on hormones
 Have any problems related to your liver
 Recently had a heart attack


A doctor should be made aware of:


 A previous miscarriage
 Unusual symptoms during pregnancy or estrogen treatment
 Mental health conditions
 Distortions in vision
 Existing or previous medical conditions




It is extremely important that you tell a medical expert about any of the medications, supplements, or treatments that you may be consuming. These may prove to be quite dangerous when taken with Provera.


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